What Managing Affiliate Programs Has Taught Me – By Kim Salvino

by Colleen on December 3, 2013

On my professional journey, I have learned largely by trial and error, and by mirroring those I most admire. When I started managing my first affiliate program in 2005, degree programs that taught you the in’s and out’s didn’t exist. After 8 years in the industry, I wanted to share some of the most important things I have learned that I have also been able to apply to other areas of my life. ff24_cover-sm

Don’t Make Rash Decisions Without Examining Data

The proof is absolutely in the numbers. Conversion rate down? Analyze individual click data to determine if one partner is the culprit. Revenue down? Confirm that tracking is working as expected and that your top partners aren’t promoting expired promotions. Always turn to your data to confirm opinions as fact before jumping to conclusions.

Change is the Only Constant

Just when you have found your groove, your weekly and monthly schedules are mapped out; revenue is on the rise and…BAM! A new product launches, your channel suddenly has to save the entire online revenue forecast for the quarter or there is talk of a new site launch. Change will happen. It will never be at a great time and you must be willing to adapt and stay flexible.

Relationships are Valuable Beyond Measure

I am still in regular contact with the very boss that hired me to look after my first affiliate program. I have made thousands of valuable contacts through this industry. Be kind and do what you say you will do and folks will never forget it. Your reputation will always precede you and in a day where everyone can Google you, be sure that the only trail you leave is a positive one. Treat folks the way you want to be treated and you will accumulate a long list of contacts you can trust.

Education is Mandatory, But Degrees and Fancy Titles are Not

Don’t discount someone because they don’t have an impressive sounding degree or a top notch title. Today’s Internet Marketing Administrator could be tomorrow’s Director of Publisher Development. I have found years of experience to be much more valuable than grad school. Get to know the person vs. judging them strictly on their LinkedIn profile.

When You are Doing What You Love, You Radiate Joy

It’s true. Think of a job you may have held where you felt underappreciated or “stuck.” You were unhappy in that environment and when you are unhappy, everyone around you can tell. When you find your niche and are blessed to do what you love each day, you are more productive, more content, a better friend and a better parent.

Kim Salvino is Director of Publisher Development for Chateau 20.

This article appeared in issue 24 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in October 2013. Read issue 24 of FeedFront Magazine.

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