The ABC’s of Recruitment – By Kim Salvino

by Colleen on September 23, 2013

Whether you are a seasoned affiliate manager or just stepping into the role, affiliate recruitment is an important part of your program’s success.

I have used the ABC process to assist me in finding niche partners that make a natural fit for programs in a variety of sectors, including travel, finance and retail. ff23

Here’s hoping this method helps you locate new partners that produce the bottom line revenue growth you’re after.


If you have analytics installed on your web site, you should be able to easily locate and examine a report of referring traffic. Taking the time to evaluate sites that are already linking to you is time well spent, as these sites are already aware of your brand.

Also, since they are already sending traffic your way, those site visitors have a confirmed interest in you. While not all sites that refer traffic will be a fit as an affiliate, this is a great tip that could land you niche affiliate partners you hadn’t previously considered.


Affiliates will perform research on your program prior to accepting your invite, so be sure that your base offer is an attractive one. Items included in a base offer are the payout, cookie duration and number of recurring events.

Recruiting affiliates will be next to impossible if your competitors are paying twice as much, offering a longer cookie duration, and are paying on unlimited recurring sales. It is highly encouraged to offer a motivator to assist with activation. Consider offering a link placement bonus and a first or fifth sale bonus and be sure to mention it in your recruitment efforts.


Your recruitment solicitations must be compelling and well written.

Proofread your message prior to sending. Use bullet points to outline the value propositions of your affiliate program. Include all of your communication channels, so that a potential partner can reach you.

Recruitment takes effort and enthusiasm. Incorporating the ABC method should assist you in adding polish to your offer and seeing results.

Kim Salvino is Director of Publisher Development for Chateau 20.

This article appeared in issue 23 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in August 2013. Read issue 23 of FeedFront Magazine.

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