Has Facebook Killed Commenting on Blogs?

by Shawn Collins on May 17, 2013

I’ve had a complicated relationship with blog comments for a while. They are great when they are authentic, but with blatant comment spam, as well as people making lame comments to drop a link, they were always a mixed bag for me.

Is blog commenting dead?Over the years, I tried all sorts of solutions, such as Akismet, Bad Behavior, Disqus, IntenseDebate, and JS-Kit.

It didn’t matter. The comment spam kept coming.

At the same time, comments were slowing down on my blogs, but I was seeing an increase of comments on Facebook when I posted links there to my posts.

I’m just as guilty as anybody else. I have commented way more on Facebook than on blogs over the years.

Gradually, I shut down comments on my sites. And it looks like I’m not alone.

I saw yesterday that Sté Kerwer recommends closing them down in a new post, “Disable Comments for a Better Blog“.

But he has comments open on the post. :)

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