5 Ways to Profit with Existing Content – By Jen Goode

by Colleen on April 10, 2013


You have a blog; you’ve been writing for a few years and have hundreds of posts featuring your favorite topics. Maybe you’re an outdoor sports enthusiast sharing stories about your latest adventure. Or maybe you’re a foodie regularly exploring new recipes and writing about your flavor experiences.

FeedFront Magazine, Issue 22Whatever your topic, there are usually products or services that you’ll see, use and talk about to your readers. Instead of simply adding a standard link to these resources, use an affiliate link.

You might find you can make some extra money doing what you’re already doing.

Here are five ways to add affiliate links to the content you already have.

Link to What You Love
When writing about a product that you love or a photo you’ve included has a product you’ve used, this is a great place to add an affiliate link. For example, if you’re always showing off pictures of shoes, do a little research, find a merchant with an affiliate program that carries the same or similar shoes and share that link in your article. Show your readers where to get the items you both love.

Share Your Materials Lists
How-to or tutorial type content is often written with a list of materials readers need to have on hand to follow the directions. Oftentimes, writers will include links to the material. You could earn an affiliate commission if you change out your standard resource links for affiliate links.

Complement Your Conversations
Share links to products and services that fit well with main topics. If you’re writing focuses on your travels, think about the things you do and use throughout your adventures and include affiliate links to these items. You could also include links to travel related services, vacation package services as well as entertainment deals and offers.

Watch for Deals
If you’ve already added affiliate links to current articles and product reviews, add extra affiliate links just by watching for deals on products and brands you feature. Keep an eye on the promotion emails affiliate managers send out and then add these purchase opportunities to your own site offerings.

Add a Reading List
A great complement to any site is a suggested reading list. Include various resources your readers will appreciate including books, audio books, and videos. Each of these can be found in various affiliate programs and your readers will love the extra insight you’re sharing.

Think beyond the banner and start adding affiliate links to the content you are sharing. Talk about the products and services directly and recommend them to your readers.

Go back into old content and update it a bit, add any new information you have and include affiliate links to key products and services you’ve already mentioned. Don’t reinvent the wheel and start a new site just to promote affiliate offers.

Sometimes the best success can be found in content your readers already love.

Jen Goode is an affiliate and owner of JGoodeDesigns.com, an art and design studio.

This article appeared in isse 22 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in April 2013. Read issue 22 of FeedFront Magazine.

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