Unleash Affiliates: Take Advantage of their Creativity! – By Travis Jacobson

by Colleen on February 19, 2013

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try”.

These words are from the Dr. Seuss’ book, “Oh, the Thinks You Can Think.”

My primary goal as an affiliate manager is to “think left and think right and think low and think high” for new ways to help affiliates increase revenue for the programs I manage.

Whenever I receive a call from an affiliate asking if I can provide them with copy for their promotions, I cringe. I can certainly write copy and provide it to affiliates, but I would rather work with the affiliate to think of new ways to generate sales through their creativity.

There is a reason some affiliates are successful. Top affiliates don’t achieve success because someone told them what to do. I have never sent a commission check to an affiliate that asked me to write their content for them.

Successful affiliates have attained status because they know how to work hard and their campaigns are infused with their creativity.

I have heard of several merchants asking their affiliate managers to reach out to particular affiliates asking them to change their copy. If the copy violates policies or contains incorrect information it is important to reach out to the affiliate and work with them to make the necessary changes.

However, it is important for merchants to understand the real value and benefit of having affiliates promote their brand.

Affiliates provide a different voice that can persuade consumers to make a purchase. Rather than always hearing the same messaging from merchants, consumers are looking for other avenues to tell them why they should complete their purchase.

Affiliates, when allowed to be creative, will be that voice that helps persuade the consumer in a way that merchants can’t.

A scripted sales pitch that matches the same copy found on the merchant’s website is less likely to persuade a consumer than if they feel they are reading an objective review from a third party.

Affiliates and affiliate managers will find the most success when they work together. It is the responsibility of the affiliate manager to provide affiliates with high converting banners, text links, product images, product specifications, product details and anything else affiliates need to build a creative campaign.

It is the affiliate’s responsibility to take assets provided by the affiliate manager and turn them into creative campaigns that generate revenue for the merchant. Affiliates can be extremely creative, and when their creativity is applied to a campaign, it can be very influential in persuading consumers to complete their purchase.

In my experience, the benefits of allowing affiliates freedom in their campaigns outweigh the risks of limiting their creativity by scripting copy for them.

Make sure affiliates stay within the specified terms and conditions, provide them with everything they need to be successful, and then step back and watch what a creative affiliate can do to build your brand and increase revenue.

Travis Jacobson is an Affiliate Manager for affiliateCREW.

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