I Got Issue 21 of FeedFront in the Mail

by Shawn Collins on January 9, 2013

Issue 21 of FeedFront Magazine came in the mail this week. Time to devour the paper version, as long as I can wrestle it from these guard dogs.

Issue 21 of FeedFront

This issue of FeedFront Magazine includes Resolve to Become a Fierce Competitor by Missy Ward, Finding Office Space on Craig’s List by Shawn Collins, Ten Steps to Audit Your Affiliate Program by Sarah Bundy, and the Affiliate Summit West 2013 agenda and speaker bios.

Also, why you should stop building affiliate sites; coupon code compliance; the importance of compelling copy; datafeeds; creative marketing; and more.

If you don’t get FeedFront by mail, issue 21 of FeedFront will also be distributed at Affiliate Summit Meetups and Affiliate Summit West 2013.

Here are the articles for this issue:

  • Editor’s Note by Missy Ward
  • Stop Building Affiliate Sites by Jeremy Palmer
  • Seven Forgotten Things in Your Affiliate Program by Karen Garcia
  • From Affiliate to Manager by Jill Swartwout
  • Coupon Code Compliance in Affiliate Marketing by Andrew McCaffrey
  • Unleash Affiliates: Take Advantage of their Creativity! by Travis Jacobson
  • Ensuring Affiliate Program Success in 2013 by Jamie Birch
  • Finding Office Space on Craig’s List by Shawn Collins
  • Do Coupons Add Value to Your Business? by Blair De Jong
  • Compelling Copy Captures Conversions by Nicholas Cote
  • Maintain Trust by Minimizing Poor User Experience by Bonnie D’Amico Rogers
  • Six Degrees of Affiliate Summit by Shawn Collins
  • Why Mobile Should Be Your Top Priority by Kush Abdulloev
  • Travel Tips for Work at Home Parents by Missy Ward
  • Unique Testing Needed for Each PPC Engine by Alek Flekel
  • Ten Steps to Audit Your Affiliate Program by Sarah Bundy
  • Work Places of Affiliate Marketers by Shawn Collins
  • Boost Your Bottom Line with Valuable Tools by James Thompson
  • Performance Marketing Summit in NYC by Shawn Collins
  • Ring Up the Right Mobile Ad Unit by Jason Spievak
  • Social Media: Context is King by Nathan Smith
  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Datafeeds by Nick Loper
  • Affiliate Marketers Give Back Raises over $86,000 by Missy Ward
  • Methods Affiliates Use to Drive Traffic by Shawn Collins
  • Creative Marketing: Going Beyond Written Content by Heather Romiti
  • Get to Know the Performance Marketing Association by Missy Ward

The issue mailed last week, so it should be hitting mailboxes all over the U.S. any day now (if it hasn’t already).

If you can’t wait to see your copy (or you’re not currently a subscriber), you can download issue 21 of FeedFront.

Free subscription to U.S. addresses at http://feedfront.com/free-subscription.

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