Get to Know the Performance Marketing Association – By Missy Ward

by Missy Ward on January 25, 2013

The Performance Marketing Association (PMA), our industry’s not-for-profit trade association, was founded in 2008 by people within the performance marketing industry.

The goal of the PMA is to represent and advance the interests of performance marketers by providing them with unified voice to address issues and challenges facing the industry.

Most recently, the PMA announced their new 2012-2013 Board:
• Brian Littleton – CEO, ShareASale, Inc. (incoming Board President)
• Karen Garcia – CEO, GTO Management
• Robert Glazer – Founder and Managing Director, Acceleration Partners
• Patrick Grady – CEO, RhinoFish Media
• Peter Hamilton – CEO, HasOffers
• Mike Nunez – CEO,
• Tony Pantano – CEO, Imwave
• Craig O’Neill – Merchant Support,
• Oliver Roup, CEO, VigLink
• Isabelle Meyer Stapf – Senior Director, Advertiser Development, Commission Junction
• and myself, Missy Ward – Co-Founder, Affiliate Summit, Inc.

Fighting the Good Fight
2011 and 2012 proved to be a difficult time for the affiliate marketing industry as we faced the “Affiliate Nexus” tax fight. The PMA fought hard for the industry and was instrumental in key negotiations and lawsuits; enabling affiliate marketers to stay in business in California, Illinois and Minnesota.
Additionally, great strides towards a federal solution that will put the Affiliate Nexus Tax issue to bed once and for all, were made in Washington DC due in part to the PMA’s representation of our industry in crucial state battles.

Staying Affiliate Strong

While the PMA is making a difference in the lives of affiliate marketers across the country, there is still a long road in front of them. New legislation and reincarnations of once-thought-dead bills keep popping up, whack-a-mole-style. These fights are best addressed by an industry organization and the PMA needs your help to make it happen.
Here are three things that you can do to help the PMA continue to fight to ensure the livelihoods of the folks that make a living in our industry.

1. Donate to the fight. For affiliate marketers who want to help but don’t have the time to do that, the PMA needs you to donate funds that will fund the lawyers, briefings, etc. needed to help fight the lawsuits and negotiate the victories for our industry. Every contribution helps. Visit to make a donation.
2. Get involved. Register to volunteer as a possible helper in your state. If the PMA needs grassroots help in your state, they will reach out to you when the time comes.
3. Spread the word. Use your influence to let others know how important it is that we have an industry organization to represent us when needed.

As smart, innovative and successful affiliate marketers, we must use our resources to give back to an industry that supports us. I encourage you to check out for more information and to keep abreast on legislation that can affect your pocket directly.

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