Native Advertising and User Experience – By Oliver Roup

by Colleen on December 7, 2012


Technology companies are starting to invest heavily in developing and improving user experience (UX). Why? Because now, more than ever, people are realizing how important UX is to a company’s success.

Distracting, often irrelevant display ads have a way of pulling attention away from a site’s content and negatively impacting UX. There’s no doubt that times are changing when it comes to what readers expect when they visit a site.

No longer are they willing to put up with pesky pre-rolls and flashing banners. This “new” Internet (poster children of the “new” Internet include Pinterest and is one where display ads are often considered nothing short of spam.

How, then, are publishers going to make money off their sites, and how are advertisers going to reach their audience? Turns out, the hot word in advertising right now is “native.” Advertisers are willing to pay a premium so that their content is less distinguishable from the native content on a site. In other words, advertisers want to pay to be present in your content, not just around it.

Whether that means inserting a hyperlink to a product within content or embedding a sponsored “how to” video about a product or service in between site posts, native advertising is already on the rise.

Rather than interrupting the content experience that viewers came to the site to enjoy, advertisers are discovering more and more that they can somewhat seamlessly integrate with native content in a way that feels much more organic than the display advertising efforts that have defined the last 15+ years.

To what can we attribute this new and urgent need for advertisers to be present in content? The dramatic shift in reader expectations that has recently taken place is the main suspect.

Now, more than ever, the way that publishers earn revenue from their site is directly tied to user experience, which many argue is a benefit to everyone involved.

Oliver Roup is Founder & CEO of VigLink, a content monetization company.

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