Making the Work from Home Transition – By Kim Salvino

by Colleen on December 5, 2012

I’ve worked outside of the home since the age of 13, in positions that varied from babysitting to retail sales, frontline customer service to affiliate program management. That changed for me in June, when I began the next chapter of my life as Director of Publisher Development for Chateau 20.

The idea of working from home had always intrigued me. No commute, less fast food, flexible work hours. Now that I have completed my first 90 days, I’ve comprised this list of tips for others.

Create a Schedule

Working from home has allowed me to create my ideal schedule. I’ve found the best setup for me is designating 2 days in the week for calls/meetings, 2 days for strategizing and completing action items and 1 day to handle priorities. Failing to have a schedule could result in longer work hours, getting sucked into social networking sites and being distracted by a personal to-do list.

Find Time for Face Time

Working from home can be isolating. There isn’t inter-office commentary, shared lunches or one-off discussions. You are now an office of one. Create a network of people that you can reach out to and serve as a resource for them as well. I make it a priority to attend my local Affiliate Summit Meet Ups to meet new people and touch base with long term contacts.

Increase Your Physical Activity

In my first 2 months of working from home I gained 10 pounds. My activity level changed drastically and I was no longer walking, taking steps, etc. I’ve since joined a gym and am making it a priority to be more active.

Here are additional tips provided to me by those I admire:

“Eat lunch somewhere other than where you sit to work.” – Greg Bennett

“Make sure everyone else knows that you work during the day.” – Tricia Meyer

“Teach your kids what FBI means – unless there’s a Fire, Blood or Intruder, [no interruptions].” – Eric Nagel

“Treat it like the job it is. Dress and arrive on time.” – Judi Moore

“Try to establish ’work hours’…It’s great that working from home offers you some flexibility, but I find I have to set boundaries and defined times or I won’t get ’work” done.’ – Laura Parvey-Connors

“If you are having a tough day getting started or staying focused, move yourself and your work to your local library, etc. for the day.” – Karen Birsner McMahon

“No matter what anyone else says or does, you have to do what works for YOU.” – Jill Swartwout

“Take breaks in the middle of the day… go outside and get some fresh air.” – Vinny O’Hare

“Realize that working from home is the dream of many and the reality of a few.” – Bill King

“I love working from home because I choose when and how I work and if I have overseas clients (I do) and clients on both coasts (we do) and affiliates all around the world (we do) we can be available when they are.” – Deborah Carney

Kim Salvino is Director of Publisher Development for Chateau 20.

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