How to Protect Your Online Reputation – By Vyara Samoukova

by Colleen on December 3, 2012

Online payment transactions are monetary drivers in e-commerce, but a company’s good online reputation impacts the business’ bottom line in the long term. After all, wouldn’t you rather buy from a trustworthy and established company rather than from a company you don’t know about?

Here are some tips:

Be aware of fraud transactions, how they can arise and implement systems of guard against these. Sometimes very minor changes to your systems and procedures can have a huge impact. Work with your processor to review your systems. Any good one will be more than willing to assist you as it’s in their best interests to minimize fraud as well.

Monitor relevant industry publications for company mentions, trends, and updates. Adjust your PR actions to the trends and to the industry expectations. Exceed the expectations of your customers, outperform.

Do constant research on customer opinions and attitudes towards your online services. Any feedback good or bad can help you fine tune your business to get more out of it. Sometimes you can learn more from comments on what you are doing right, rather than what you are doing wrong.

Respond quickly when you identify an issue or see a negative comment. This will help in building a company image that is open to comments and discussions. But make sure your response is always factually correct and addresses all the issues raised. A good first response is often all you need to set the record straight, but do stick to the personal approach that thoroughly addresses the client’s concerns. Make sure you keep your positive attitude and openness to ongoing feedback and ensure that your client is absolutely satisfied with your proposed solution.

Take your time to analyze your target markets and your consumers’ real needs, and create your communication messages accordingly.

Establish your communication objectives and goals. What do you want to achieve? What values do you want to be associated with your company, and what brand attributes will drive the customers to your door?

Decide on your online communication strategy. For example would you like to write a blog or to actively engage in social media? Would you like to do an industry research article and present your company as an expert in your business field? Or do you want to present an innovative idea and establish your company as a pioneer in technological enterprises?

Communicate your company news on product developments and solutions, on partnerships and operational improvements, with a careful eye on timing. You can follow that model – what happened, why it happened, what parties were involved. Tell your stories, share your results. When you communicate news do not forget to give the credit to the people who worked behind that development, those who made it happen.

These simple steps will surely not just build your online reputation but will also enhance your sphere of influence on the e-commerce market where you operate.

Vyara Samoukova is a PR and Marketing Manager at the international online payment provider eMerchantPay.

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