Six Degrees of Affiliate Summit and the POTUS

by Shawn Collins on October 31, 2012

Folks who have attended Affiliate Summit keynote addresses over the years have been close to Presidents of the United States in a Six Degrees of Separation sort of way.

The White HouseOff the top of my head, Cory Booker, Ntiedo (NT) Etuk, Frank Luntz, and Peter Shankman have met President Obama.

I am pretty sure Frank Luntz also met George W. Bush.

Michael Sanchez met Bill Clinton. I passed Bill Clinton in the hallway at Caesars Palace at Affiliate Summit West 2012, but that doesn’t really count.

Back in 1962, Jim Bouton, who was a pitcher for the New York Yankees, won the World Series. I haven’t been able to find the point when the President started meeting with winning sports teams, but there is a chance Bouton met with John F. Kennedy back then.

And our upcoming Affiliate Summit West 2013 keynote, Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger, watched a private screening of the move “Rudy” with President Clinton.

This all makes me feel like Marcia Brady after she met Davy Jones. My right hand has shaken the hands of lots of people who have shaken the hand of a President of the United States.

There may be some others that I’ve missed, so I’ll update this post if I come across any other Affiliate Summit keynotes that have met with the POTUS.

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