Selecting Keywords to Increase Conversions & Revenue – By Eric Nagel

by Colleen on August 21, 2012

Deciding which keywords to focus on is important when laying out your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. While many may choose to go for keywords with a high volume of searches, affiliates can see increased conversion rates and increased revenues from their websites by focusing on the keywords further down the path of the decision-making process.

Generic Keywords
Generic keywords have the most volume, but aren’t very clear as to what the searcher is looking for. An example of this would be “iPad” or “LA Kings”. In addition to unqualified traffic, competition for these keywords is fierce, so ranking well is difficult. While you may rank and get traffic from these keywords, conversion rates will be low.

Research-based Keywords
When searchers are using research-based keywords, they’re looking to be educated on the product or service. At this point, the buyer has an idea of what they want, but they want to be reaffirmed of their decision. These keywords typically have “review,” “rating,” or “testimonials” added to them. Website visitors will either be convinced to purchase to buy, or swayed to another solution.

Comparison-based Keywords
Searchers looking for the “best” solution will want to see a few options and be told which is best. Once the searcher has a couple of products or services in mind, they’ll start looking for comparisons between the two solutions. “Verizon vs. AT&T” is a good example of a comparison-based keyword. These searchers will be looking for a list of features to consider and which solutions have each feature (don’t forget to include the price). An “overall winner” at the end of your features table will help close the deal.

Pricing Keywords
“Best price for” and “lowest price on” are qualifiers for pricing keywords. At this point, the user is ready to buy, and just wants to know where to buy from. As an affiliate, your job is simple: show them where to buy the product, and give them the final price (including shipping and tax, minus any discounts).

Shopping Keywords
When adding “coupon” or “discount” to a store or domain name, imagine the searcher is sitting at their computer with their credit card propped up on the keyboard. They’re already buying, and looking to save a few bucks. While the search volume is lower than other keyword types, conversion rates are high (30% is not unheard of, based on personal experiences).

As you build your affiliate sites, keep in mind the keywords in the different stages of the buying process. Focusing on keywords further down the sales path may result in less traffic, but overall greater revenue.

Eric is an affiliate marketer & consultant specializing in PHP programming and search engine optimization.

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