Creative SEO Outside Of Google By Don Batsford, Jr

by Colleen on August 8, 2012

We don’t give it much thought, but many searches happen outside of Google. On almost every website, application or piece of software the use of search boxes offers an opportunity to optimize for each respective algorithm, but once we leave the familiar realm of Google, new factors become important.

SEO in Product Names

Matt Farley of Motern Media may be the first SEO-focused musician. Matt has taken the approach that people will discover his music when searching on Spotify or iTunes. He uses specific keywords when naming a band, writing a song or giving an album a title.

“I noticed that the only songs we sold had strange, unique titles. This included songs about food, celebrities, athletes…songs that featured names in the title.”

In addition, he is continuously developing fresh content.

“In April of 2008, I began writing at least 50 songs per month. ”

Songs about towns, proms and happy birthday greetings are recorded thousands of times in different variations. No matter what your interests are, Matt probably has a song for you or will soon, but you won’t find his name listed anywhere; the band name is a critical space for additional keywords.

SEO in Icons

Although images are not processed to the same degree that on-page text is, even little decisions about creative elements may affect search traffic. For example, the up and coming search engine lists a website’s favicon.ico image next to each search listing. This small, often overlooked graphic is used to sum up every bit of content on a website. This resulting impression can entice a user to click through or could give the impression that a website is not related to a search term.

SEO in Color Choices

Image based search engines like are able to discern picture color. A user looking for an image is presented with a color filter on the side of the search results. When the filter is applied, users are directed to a distinct results page where other pages rank higher based strictly on their choice of image color.

SEO in Social URLs

Like many social networks, every LinkedIn user has the ability to customize their profile URL. The shorter format is easier to remember, but more importantly it effects when these profiles show in search results. Most people just use a version of their name or business, but this URL could be anything. You can only change this URL once so it is worth giving it some thought before committing.

SEO in Social Profiles

Also in Linkedin, users can list external website links under “Additional Information” in their profile. You can make these more keyword-friendly by adding custom anchor text to website links by selecting “Other” in the pull-down and adding descriptive keywords.

Google is just one piece of the internet traffic pie, albeit a big piece. There are many additional opportunities for traffic worth exploring with your content and presence online.

Don Batsford, Jr is a Partner with, a Boston based search engine marketing firm.

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