Benefits of Attending Local Meetups – By Vinny O’Hare

by Colleen on August 2, 2012

There are many benefits to attending local meetups. As one of the organizers for the Affiliate Summit meetup in New York, I have witnessed our members gain valuable knowledge and long-lasting friendships.

As a long-time member of, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to a meetup and have met people from other meetup groups. I’ve formed alliances with these people, and we’ve helped each other when needed. In some ways, they’ve become an extension of my family.

One great thing that I have observed at Affiliate Summit meetups is talented people with diverse backgrounds consistently helping each other. We may have a programmer assisting a content affiliate with behind-the-scenes WordPress stuff, and a graphic designer helping the programmer.

While all these people are very good at their chosen field, working together as a single unit, they become dangerous. Additionally, these mutually beneficial relationships have helped each of them cut down on business-related costs. Usually, at our meetups, we break up into groups of specialties. . I tend to provide advice on Google Panda and Penguin updates, and I love being able to share what I’m seeing in the SEO world.

It gives me great joy when I can stop a newbie from making a terrible mistake, before they start working on their website.

One common problem I hear all the time is how expensive it is to build a website. By joining a meetup group, odds are, you can cut that cost down considerably, since there are people in attendance that are experts in their field, and they don’t mind sharing a few minutes with you.

I’m often asked what I get out of the group, and I can tell you that I wind up recruiting great affiliates to join our programs.

Since I’ve met these people personally, I know the websites are good, because I have given them SEO advice.

Another benefit of attending an Affiliate Summit meetup is that you never know what connections other attendees have outside of the affiliate marketing industry. A content affiliate may be a lawyer during the day. A graphic designer may be a yoga instructor. These connections can help spread the word about your website, and you may wind up with free legal advice as well as becoming healthier at the same time.

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