A Picture is Worth a Thousand Clicks – By Jay Berkowitz

by Colleen on July 20, 2012

Pictures and images are becoming the most dynamic way to drive traffic to a website, or an affiliate program.

Here are three exciting new opportunities for image marketing:

• Image ‘memes’ featuring words and pictures are spreading virally through social media sites, and they are generating incredible reach and click throughs.
• Pinterest grew from 11,237 unique visitors in May 2010 to 19,379,864 in May 2012 (Compete.com).
• Infographics has become a powerful tool for marketing.

Image Memes

Image memes are familiar to anyone who spends time on Facebook. These clever little boxes contain a powerful image and a funny or motivational quote. Inspirational podcaster JB Glossinger regularly uses these powerful memes on his

Morning Coach Facebook page.

A recent meme on his Facebook page showed Albert Einstein and a quote “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not people or objects.” This meme was liked 579 times and shared 278 times.

This type of viral activity spreads your brand every time someone clicks like, share or comment and gives you an opportunity to win new fans for your Facebook page.


Pinterest users ‘pin’ images to virtual pinboards. The social media website first became popular for recipe collectors, who pinned recipes to their boards the way my Mom used to pin recipes to her corkboard in our family kitchen.

Now Pinterest has become a valuable marketing tool as people create images of their products and these images are driving sales at very high rates.

According to Neil Blumenthal co-founder of fashion eyeglass manufacturer Warby Parker “We saw traffic triple from Pinterest and it converts at a higher rate than traffic from Facebook and Twitter.”

Pinterest has been flip-flopping on their policies regarding affiliate links, but if you can get a customer to click a ‘pin’ and come to your site, you can affix an affiliate link at that time.


The final example of image marketing that has me excited is infographics. These are typically illustrated graphics with several statistics about a company, industry or hobby.

You’ll find infographics on blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, and just about any social media site. Popular infographics share statistics on internet marketing, working out, nutrition, and pet care.

I created my first infographic ‘The 3 E’s of Social Media’ by finding a freelance illustrator on Guru.com.

So get creative and use images and Infographics – a picture is worth a thousand clicks.

Jay Berkowitz is CEO of TenGoldenRules.com and he speaks at industry events like Affiliate Summit.

Download the entire FeedFront issue 19 here – http://issuu.com/affiliatesummit/docs/feedfront-19

FeedFront issue 19 articles can be found here as well: http://feedfront.com/archives/article00date/2012/7

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I agree! Pictures and videos are the best content for attracting visitors. It really would be a worthy strategy to consider images as a valuable content for your site.

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