Five WordPress Plugins to Keep Sites Sticky – By Benjy Portnoy

by Colleen on April 30, 2012

Content will always be king, especially on WordPress sites. But staying on top of your game means finding creative ways to keep your visitors interested and engaged. Fortunately, the list of WordPress plugins grows larger and more diverse every day.

Plugins extend the look, functionality, and interactivity of your WordPress site. Here are five plugins that are great for making your site stickier and keep ‘em coming back.

1. INTERACTIVE: Simple Survey

This survey and quiz plugin is easy to set up and use. It allows you to collect user data, i.e. name, email, and more fields in the paid version. You can also assign a certain score to each item, which results in a grade that you can send out to the user, as well as store in a database.

I used this for a client who wanted to give their customers an online evaluation of their allergy symptoms, and then determine their allergy severity based on the results. We set it up as a graded system (if the user scored 1-5, they had light allergies, 6-10, moderate, 11-14, severe, etc.).

Once the user was done, they were then taken to one of three corresponding results page that contained recommendations on how to treat the allergies, which was always using my client’s services.

Cost: Free.

2. SOCIAL: BuddyPress

“Social networking, in a box.” Start your own social community where users can use discussion forums, create user groups, see and share each others’ activity streams, and more. Lots of related add-on plugins are available for extended functionality, too.

Cost: Free to download and use, but you need a BuddyPress-compatible theme.


You can build all kinds of stores in WordPress. But Datafeedr allows you to import and customize the datafeeds and products from a virtually unlimited stream of affiliate networks. They have support for most of the heavy hitters, such as Commission Junction, Amazon, ShareASale, PepperJam, and ClickBank, and you can even upload your own stuff. You can build virtually unlimited stores and slot in thousands of products from your approved merchants.

Cost: Starts at $27/month.

4. REVIEW SITES: MyReviewPlugin

Amp up your review sites with extended graphics, tables, ratings, and tons of user comments to make the site more informative and engaging.

Cost: Starts at $90, one time.

5. FUN & GAMES: Asteroids Widget

Remember Asteroids? That little video game triangle that blew up all the rocks? Now, instead of blowing up rocks… users can blow up all your content. Try the demo and see for yourself. Great for mindless, giggly entertainment.

Cost: Free

Some bonus affiliate-minded plugins:
OptimizePress (unlimited optimized squeeze, membership, and sales pages):
WishList Member (top membership/content protection plugin):
Ninja Affiliate (converts specified body text keywords to your personal affiliate links):

Benjy Portnoy is the founder of Mouthpiece Media. He specializes in WordPress wizardry.

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