7 Suggestions for Better Affiliate Newsletters – By Kim Salvino

by Colleen on April 17, 2012

As an Affiliate Manager, affiliate communication is your responsibility. It is arguably the most important aspect of your job.

After all, you wouldn’t expect your Sales Team to sell without knowing the ins and outs of your products. Your affiliates count on you to be their advocate and communication distributor.

I recommend setting a reminder to create your newsletter each month.

Here are a few simple ways to step it up on the newsletter front:

1. Use a subject line that makes sense. Affiliates are consumers as well, and may delete emails that appear to be selling. Instead of New products, pool closings and save up to 15%, try Pool Program Affiliate Newsletter. If you can jazz it up with Pool Program Affiliate Newsletter – Best Sellers, New Items & 15% Off, even better.

2. Address it by name and make it personal. “Hello, Mary! We’re grateful that you promote our pool products on killingpoolalgae.com.” This shows that you have taken the time to acknowledge something unique about them, and shows that you’re thankful they chose you. Trust me; you aren’t the only one out there selling chlorine tablets. A little personalization can go a long way.

3. List your main topics at the top of the newsletter. “This month, we’re reaching out about our top 5 selling products, what customers need for a typical pool closing and have placed thermometers and pool vacuums on sale.” If the topics appeal to them, they are able to determine that within seconds, and an affiliate’s most valuable asset is time.

4. DO NOT talk about the great creative you’ve loaded without including the code. You have the affiliate’s attention now, which you could lose if they can’t log in at that moment to grab your latest deep link. Ask your affiliate network to assist you in order to populate newsletters with affiliate IDs.

5. Don’t bother telling affiliates about an awesome sale that started yesterday and ends tomorrow. Affiliates need timely, advanced notice and they know you didn’t just find out about it. If you did, there is something fundamentally wrong with your internal communications.

6. It’s not just about you. Provide updates about the industry, point affiliates to forum threads and ask affiliates what they need from you. Share ways to make them better affiliates and you will win their loyalty.

7. Don’t close your newsletter with Thanks, Affiliate Team. If an affiliate has a question spurred by your email, give them a name, email and phone number to contact you. You never know when your communication could activate an affiliate, and you’ll want them to be able to reach out to a live person, quickly.

Newsletters can be very powerful communication and activation tools. Take the time to ensure yours contain timely, quality content, and continue to refine it over time.

Kim Salvino is Head of Publishers for the US arm of buy.at.

Download the entire FeedFront issue 18 here – http://issuu.com/affiliatesummit/docs/feedfront-18

FeedFront issue 18 articles can be found here as well: http://feedfront.com/archives/article00date/2012/4

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Affiliate Management April 17, 2012 at 10:51 am

Nice post. But what about offering to help your affiliates with anything they may need to be an effective producer, like helpful online marketing strategy articles and offering to have a conversation with them? I get a ton of calls by just mentioning that I’m ready to get on the phone a moment’s notice to discuss the program.

Kim Salvino April 17, 2012 at 11:33 am

Great point! Your comment also further supports the importance of including your complete contact details.

Ashley K. Edwards April 19, 2012 at 9:31 am

Great tips, Kim!

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