Three Ways to Repurpose Your Existing Content – By Deborah Carney

by Colleen on March 2, 2012


You have a great blog or website you have been building for several years, and you wonder if there is another way to present your content or share the experiences you have had over the years.

We all have knowledge we can share, but some people aren’t making the most of the content they have already created.

With the ease of video sharing, plus the breakdown of barriers to self publishing, there is a world of people you can reach by repurposing your existing content.

Here are some options:


You can create a collection of your best blog posts or articles you have written, and compile them into an eBook that you post for people with Kindles and Nooks to read. This is an additional audience that you probably would not reach through your blog or website.

Instead of writing a 75,000 word book, create smaller, focused books on specific topics, and create a series where you charge less per title, yet make more overall.

Photographers and artists need to realize that now all the readers have color options, and that all the Kindle apps for devices show books in color. Now you can combine your art and photography with commentary about the topic of the photographs, or with poetry or other short stories to make a valuable book.

Podcasters can get their recordings transcribed; there are a number of good services out there for around $1 per minute. You can then add information to the notes, add a resources page, and you now have an eBook ready to be published.


There are a number of podcast directories, as well as iTunes, where you can submit podcasts. Don’t be afraid of podcasting. It is simple to do, so just try it out to see if you are comfortable with the medium.

There are free programs to record your audio on your computer. The most popular free program is Audacity. Creating a podcast of your own existing material can be as easy as reading it into a microphone on your computer.


If you aren’t creating videos, you should be. No matter what your content is, you can create a slideshow, PowerPoint, and narrate, or put to music.

YouTube is the second largest search engine, and among teens, it is the number one search engine. Videos may seem like more work, but they will get your content in front of people that probably won’t see it otherwise.

If you are creating videos, then you can get them transcribed and create eBooks out of them.

This is just the beginning of what you can do to repurpose content you have already created. Evergreen content can be recreated in many formats and get you and your site exposure that you only got from search engines.

Deborah is a podcaster, blogger, photographer who helps people share content in exciting new ways.

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