Was Panda Just the Beginning? – By Vinny O’Hare

by Colleen on December 9, 2011

Since the Google Panda update a few months ago, many folks have spent a great deal of time trying to figure out the algorithm. As for me, I’m simply left wondering… what’s next?

Google is not likely to stop finessing the search results anytime soon, which leaves me to think about the quality Google wants and continue to make adjustments accordingly.

Last month, while at a search engine conference, I peered upon an exhibit hall full of booths offering link building services. And while link building businesses have been successful, I don’t see it lasting in the form it is in now.

Gaming the system is something that Google will simply not stand for, and as the web becomes more social, they might consider discrediting links and focus more on social to weight the listings.

Focusing on making your website better will enable you to avoid being caught up in a sweeping Google change when it happens.

While this is just conjecture, these are some of the things that Google might consider adding to their next update:

If Google decides they now want to see a phone number or an address on every site it would likely eliminate a significant portion of the MFA (Made for Adsense) sites out there. This would clean up the internet at the same time, as it’s not likely that these website owners would go through the trouble of getting a P.O. Box and a Google voice number to avoid it)

Similarly, they might decide to eliminate sites that don’t have about us, contact us, disclosure or privacy policy pages.

If you are using Google Analytics and tracking goals higher than your competition, that might signal Google that you have a better site.

Could Google filter out all the websites that list an email account with a free account like Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail? Seems like an easy thing to do.

Will they look for social proof like a Twitter or a Facebook account? I bet they already are but using the amount of interaction in the search engine results could weigh more towards brands who have teams working their social media accounts.

My biggest fear is to have a site on a server with a bunch of other websites that I don’t control. Call me crazy but when I moved my sites off cheap web hosting last year all my sites went up 20-30% in traffic. I was no longer on a server that could have porn, gambling or be used to send spam emails in bulk.

Keep an eye on the Google webmaster guidelines and read between the lines to make your website better. This might keep you one step ahead of sweeping Google updates.

Vinny O’Hare is the president of Vincent O’Hare Consulting and his site is Vinnyohare.com.

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Billy kay December 10, 2011 at 2:04 pm

All excellent points Vinny. Your so-called conjectures are a lot more then a guess… they seem obvious. Great article. Thanks.

graham00 May 19, 2012 at 9:06 pm

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