Podcasting? How about Live Broadcasting? – By Daniel M. Clark

by Colleen on December 2, 2011

I’ve written about podcasting in several past issues of FeedFront, because it’s a subject near and dear to me. In this issue, I’m going to take you about ten steps further and give you some things to consider about live internet broadcasting.

You could be a winner

Why produce live content? I’ll focus on just one awesome idea here: contests. People love contests and running one is simple. The largest live audience I’ve had for any of my shows was when I gave away four Gold passes to Affiliate Summit. People tune in for the contest and stay during the content.

Are you an affiliate? Partner with a few of your merchants to give away a couple of items. Are you a merchant? You could be producing a weekly live broadcast and giving away samples to your audience.

Online broadcasting has a major advantage over radio and television in that we have chat rooms. We are able to see who is tuning in and participating in real time.

When you say to your audience “the first person to tell me will win ”, you’ll get an immediate response in your chat room. After the show you can connect with your winner and make arrangements for the prize.

Live without a net

Broadcasting live online can be with audio or video. Audio is less complicated. Video requires cameras, lights and sets–or at least a clean room or office. Then you need to worry about your appearance. On the other hand, live audio requires a microphone. You can wear anything you like and forget about brushing your hair.

The only differences are the aforementioned equipment and broadcasting service provider, otherwise, the same principles that apply to audio can be used with video.

If you’ve been podcasting, live audio is a breeze. There are a few services that will stream your content out to your listeners via an audio player installed on your website. I recommend Mixlr.com. Their software runs on your PC or Mac and uploads audio from your computer to Mixlr’s server. From there, the audio is encoded and sent to anyone who uses your site’s Mixlr audio player.

If you haven’t been podcasting yet, there is one step to perform before signing up with Mixlr or the provider you choose. You must get a decent microphone. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but spending just a few dollars on a USB headset will make your broadcasts sound better.

$^%# it, we’ll do it live

Broadcasting anything live isn’t for the faint of heart, but don’t let that worry you. If you’ve done any podcasting or public speaking, you can handle a live broadcast. Remember: you’re not on CNN. You’re not helming ABC World News. Fortunately for the beginner, your audience will not expect perfection.

Consider the benefits and potential of live broadcasting and you may find that it will take your business to places you never considered it going.

Daniel M. Clark is a podcasting consultant and broadcasts live on QAQN.com.

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