10 Different Kinds of Search – By Jay Berkowitz

by Colleen on October 31, 2011

We don’t only search on Google, now we search directly on dozens of sites. Here are business opportunities from ten different kinds of search.

1. Direct Search – If someone recommends a book, I go directly to Amazon.com. I search for podcasts directly on iTunes. Optimize for different sites people use to search for your products, write book reviews in Amazon and ask for reviews for your podcast.

2. Instant Search – We search for what’s happening right now on Twitter. In fact, Twitter reported at their Chirp conference that they do 600 million searches per day! Many people have automated searches set up. Include relevant hash tags and keywords in Tweets to position your products in instant search.

3. Product and Price Search – Yesterday, when I was trying on tennis shoes, I did a quick price search on my iPhone to make sure the store offered a fair price. We are empowered consumers; we go to car dealerships armed with the dealer invoice cost. Add product and price reviews with affiliate links to your websites to make the sale when consumers are doing research

4. Video Search – Did you know YouTube was the number two search engine? My friend Tim Carter optimizes his How-To videos for AsktheBuilder.com so that they come up in YouTube searches. Add keywords to the title and description of your videos and build up your YouTube channel.

5. Geo Search – “Let’s grab a quick lunch” is often followed by a geographic search for “restaurant”. Get your business location correctly listed on review and map sites to take advantage of these opportunities.

6. New Business Start-up Search – When you’re setting up a website, don’t settle for a bad domain name. Search for great names available for sale at SnapNames.com and Sedo.com. Before you launch a new business check into trademark availability at feedfront.com/trademarks

7. Crowdsourcing – This is when you ask your friends for trusted recommendations instead of doing a search. Recently I was going on a driving trip, and I received great audiobook recommendations from my friends on Twitter and Facebook. Add the Facebook “Like” button to your sites so “Likes” will show up linked to your offers.

8. People Search – We search directly for people on LinkedIn or Facebook. Create detailed profiles in Social Media sites – write full descriptions and include keywords about the products you offer.

9. Image Search – Flickr.com and stock photo sites are great resources for images to use in blogs and presentations; optimize your images with keyword rich descriptions of your products.

10. Retargeting – Have you recently visited a website, and then banner ads for that site appear on other websites you visit? This is ‘retargeting’. Google and others allow you to set a cookie for site visitors who don’t complete a purchase and target them with ads. Conversion rates are very high when using this tactic!

Jay is the Founder and CEO of internet advertising agency www.TenGoldenRules.com and community site www.InternetMarketingClub.org

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