I Quit My Day Job – By Jill Swartwout

by Colleen on October 7, 2011

I QUIT! Yes, you read that right; I quit, well, resigned from my teaching job of eight years. I loved the children and had always wanted to be a teacher, but was unexpectedly offered an impossible-to-refuse full time position in affiliate marketing – an industry quite different from my previous career.

While teaching, I did affiliate marketing part time for over six years, so I have a strong enough background to enable me to enter the industry full time with confidence. Conversely, it is a bit intimidating to suddenly give up a job you are good at and have done for so long, for a career in something you’ve done part-time in a still fairly new industry.

I went from co-managing one affiliate program to suddenly managing four programs independently. I was very excited for my new responsibilities because I love to work and interact with affiliates, but with this huge change and the additional three programs came feelings of being overwhelmed at times. So, what did I do? The teacher in me took over and I educated myself.

Shortly before my career transition, Geno Prussakov released his book, Affiliate Program Management: An Hour A Day. I had a feeling this book could help me not have to work every waking hour, and it did. I approached Affiliate Program Management: An Hour A Day as a one-stop shop when it comes to what I need to know about affiliate program management.

Geno breaks it into basic elements, so that someone brand new to affiliate marketing could read, understand and obtain enough knowledge to successfully move forward. I consider myself well-seasoned in affiliate marketing and I still learned a lot.

The programs I manage are already well established. However, it was enlightening to read the detailed steps the book suggests for the development of a merchant program, so I could go back and check to be sure nothing was skipped over.

I am always looking for clear cut methods, tips, and tricks, to improve myself in my work and I learned many about affiliate program management techniques in this book that I haven’t read elsewhere.

One of my favorite tips is the suggestion to occasionally get away from the computer and pick up the phone or send a piece of “regular” mail. Affiliates like to feel as though you are taking time and genuinely show interest in helping and working with them.

The way in which Geno literally outlines affiliate program management in his book is easy to follow and refer back to certain points when needed. That, combined with the abundance of knowledge about program management, this book has definitely helped me successfully transition into managing multiple programs with confidence. It has certainly validated my choice of making the transition to full time affiliate marketing.

Jill is Affiliate Manager of Girly Checks, Carousel Checks, Extra Value Checks, and Business Checks.

Download the entire FeedFront issue 15 here – http://www.scribd.com/doc/61379014/FeedFront-Magazine-Issue-15

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Use your name and not anchor text October 7, 2011 at 1:34 pm

Very cool! Congrats. I’m not too close to being able to work on my own, as I’m just starting to get the hang of all of this. Fortunately, I was able to merge my interest in internet marketing with my real job. Hopefully the learning period will go that much quicker now that I’m exposed to the industry a lot more.

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