An Open Letter to Everybody on the Information Superhighway

by Shawn Collins on September 24, 2011

Dear Everybody,

Most of you may not realize it, but you’re all affiliate marketers. Every last one of you.

Even if you haven’t acted on it, the opportunity is in your hands to make money online.

Information Superhighway

But first… what is affiliate marketing?

It’s simply a process where you can get paid for referring people as prospects or customers. It’s a simple concept that can be done in countless ways to earn some extra cash or a salary.

Affiliate marketers are individuals trying things out in their basements, as well as large corporations.

These are people writing blogs about their favorite sports team, hobby, city, dog breed, etc.

Others are making videos or podcasts about their passions.

And still others are focused on price comparisons, coupons, trends, daily deals, incentives, rewards, news, niche content, discussion forums, B2B, and social networks.

Affiliate marketings are using pay per click search engines, content management systems, email, Facebook ads, radio, photos, Twitter, webinars, pay per call, paper fliers, QR codes, white papers, meetups, domaining, SMS, television, search engine optimization, mobile, local marketing, etc.

Any way out there that can be used to help somebody that needs helping can be leveraged by affiliate marketers.

So, since we’re all affiliate marketers, let’s all get together January 8-10, 2012 in Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit.

These three days of networking and learning with thousands of other affiliate marketers are an essential investment in your business, your future.

Hope to see you in Las Vegas!

Take care,
Shawn Collins

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