The New Intersection of Search and Social Media – By Jay Berkowitz

by Colleen on January 30, 2011


The growth of social media sites Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn has created an exciting intersection between social media and search marketing.

Here are five social marketing opportunities to improve your search performance, and five ways search can impact your social media marketing.

1. Opportunities Arise from Instant Search gives us the opportunity to find information in real time. We no longer have to wait for search engine spiders to crawl webpages in order to find instant information. Monitor tweets to find people looking for your products or services.

2. Google Has an Algorithm for Showing Real Time Tweets
Google is now instantly ranking tweets. There is an algorithm for getting tweets listed which includes the number of followers and ReTweets you have.

3. Facebook “Fan” Pages Get Indexed in Google
If your business does not yet have a ‘Fan’ page in Facebook, you are missing out on an opportunity to build a community among 500 million users. Facebook pages have become extremely powerful marketing tools for several reasons. First and foremost, Facebook pages index in Google and the other search engines.

4. Crowd Sourcing Is A Powerful Way To Find Information
Social media gives us the ability to bypass searching through websites to find information from our trusted social media ‘friends’.

5. The Power of Subscriptions
Having a strong presence in as many social media platforms as possible will increase the reach of your offers exponentially. The more friends you have on Facebook, links on LinkedIn, and subscribers on YouTube, the more advocates you have for your products and services.

6. YouTube Is The #2 Search Engine In The World! is currently the #2 most used search engine, second only to Google and ahead of Yahoo and BING. Optimize your videos by adding keywords and building a popular YouTube channel.

7. Social Media Profiles Can Be Optimized For Search
Setting up various social media profiles is only the first step. In order to be picked up in search, you need to optimize them. To do this, take full advantage of all the space on which they will allow you to add content and add keywords to your descriptions.

8. Social Media Can Help You Own More Real Estate in Search Engine Result Pages
Your website alone will only be displayed a maximum of two times for a given search. Your Facebook Page, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles and YouTube Channel can get ranked for your brand and target keywords.

9. Social Media Can Be a Great Way to Build Links
Social media profiles/pages give us a great opportunity for link bait. People love to link to things about themselves. Post items such as the top ten experts in your field for reciprocal links.

10. Harness the Power of Community
Create Facebook groups, Facebook ‘Fan’ pages, LinkedIn groups and Ning sites to build social importance and create your own community.

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Patrick Simspon January 30, 2011 at 11:31 am

I am new to Social Media and am learning more each day I am glad to have read this post, as it as some very good tips for me to take action on.

Patrick Simpson

DarkprinceArmon January 30, 2011 at 1:40 pm

I like and use some of those suggestions. I use to use Ning, until they went to a payed subscription service. I have been looking in to other solutions to the problems of creating a social network outside of the ones offered by using services like Joomla. So far I have run across one called which is free and does allow for a user to host their own network.

susanne Penfold January 31, 2011 at 1:25 pm

Thanks Jay for your article I will have a look at ning I have not used that site thanks for the tip.

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