Types of Content Publishers & Objectives to Pursue – By Geno Prussakov

by Colleen on January 5, 2011

Publishers that regularly produce quality content, whether it be blogging, article publishing, podcasting, video-producing, microblogging, or any other form of content production, have some of the most loyal followers.

However, I believe that there are several different routes that you can take, as far as producing quality content. Being an active blogger and blog reader myself, upon two years of observations, analysis and conclusions, I’ve come up with my own classification of publishers.

I believe that the vast majority of successful content producers (affiliate marketers included) fall into one of three types. These are:

(i) Reporters
(ii) Theoreticians
(iii) Coaches

Each of these three types is in high demand, and the popularity of their sites makes it essential for us to understand what exactly drives people to them.

Reporters are generally about breakthrough ideas and technologies, new studies, and fresh statistical data. They love to announce, analyze, and draw conclusion or provide commentary of their own.

Theoreticians are about connecting the dots between scientific researches/studies and our day-to-day reality.

Finally, coaches are essentially teachers that share their generally experience-based “how-to” knowledge with readers who want to master in this or that subject.

Of course, there are plenty of borderline synergies, and any of the above-quoted three types can now and again act as another type. However, most frequently a content publisher leans to one of the above styles.

So, whether you are just starting with content publishing, or have already been doing it for some time, it is good to understand what type of publisher you really are. Such comprehension will help you to stay more focused and play in unison with the style and approach that you are inherently predisposed for.

Now, to succeed in online content publishing, I believe one is to remember 3 Cs and a P. I know, CCCP may not bring up good memories in most minds, but today I’d like to give the old abbreviation a new meaning — one that comes from my personal experience of writing over 700 blog posts within under 2 years, and understanding of what makes a good blog post, and a good blogger.

There are 4 adjectives to remember:

C for Consistent – A-post-a-day keeps your readers (and search engines!) awake
C for Concise – Most consumers of online content truly appreciate eloquence
C for Clear – The vast majority of content consumers do not want rocket science
P for Practical – Of course, remember to be as pragmatic as possible

Most of my personal blog posts that have become popular reflected either all, or at least three of the above four points. If you add a verb “Be” before each, and turn each adjective into an objective, it’ll undoubtedly help you create more engaging and popular content.

Geno Prussakov is the Founder of AM Navigator.

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