New Trends in Social Media – By Ricky Ahuja

by Colleen on December 22, 2010


Social media can be considered many things; time-consuming, exciting, scary, necessary; but definitely not stagnant. Each day brings new developments in the world of social media, as evidenced via the popular trends that are emerging on the current landscape.

Where is social media today? It’s not important, because it’ll look different tomorrow. That said, there are several trends marketers (and consumers) need to be aware of in order to maximize their time on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and countless other networks.

The notion of “free” social marketing campaigns will soon give way to highly budgeted campaigns. This should not come as much of a surprise, since the potential to reach massive audiences should involve a much wider scope in advertising campaigns.

Does that mean low budget ad campaigns will be a thing of the past? No, but they will be sharing space with the big budget campaigns.

I don’t expect there will be marketing campaigns that do not involve social media in the near future. Social media advertising will be incorporated into all marketing campaigns. If the goal of your campaign is success, it’s a no-brainer that social media plays an integral part in it.

Listen: There will be a new interactive component to the advertising campaigns of the future. Due to amazing developments in social media, “listening” tools will provide the marketer with feedback on activity via social media profiles in a way that is much more expansive than what is currently available in analytical tools. The enhanced feedback will allow for greater marketing tweaks designed to make future campaigns more successful.

Social Gaming: Social gaming is here to stay as audiences spend more time gaming online, fusing it with social media will lead to tremendous publicity gains for the client that opts to employ such a strategy. Additionally, social gaming is fun! Anything that can turn a social media profile into something hot, happening, and exciting will boost potential marketing success potential dramatically.

Location, Location, Location: There will also be a great deal of enhanced integration, sharing, and connecting the offline with online. While this already occurs, it will become more enhanced and pronounced over time. This will allow for an expanded amount of commerce via location based services and word of mouth.

Group Buying: Direct commerce sale will integrate with group social media, making it one of the most critical and innovative trends in the coming months and years. It is less about selling product and more about expanding reach and awareness.

Already, social media has expanded far beyond what anyone thought possible. The concept may have been purely social; connecting with friends and family in the early days, but has now developed into a brilliant and necessary internet marketing platform.

As online time increases and integration of daily life into social platforms continues, the way marketers reach audiences will experience a more dramatic shift than ever before.

What are some trends you feel should be included in this list?

Ricky is the CEO of Affiliate Venture Group, a leading performance based affiliate network.

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