Why Standing Out at Conferences is Key – By Ryan Zimmerman

by Colleen on October 8, 2010

See that crazy picture of me? Well, crazy as it may be, it was also one of the best moves of my marketing career. I came to realize that in order to truly stick out amongst thousands of my peers, not only would I have to be the best in my profession, but I would have to be just as memorable.

So, prior to attending Affiliate Summit a few years back, I took a similar photo and used it on my business card. To this day I still have people recognizing me for that card alone and they confess how it vividly stuck out in their minds. I continue to use it on my LinkedIn and instant messenger profiles for that reason.

I’ve somehow managed to “brand” myself by simply being cheesy. I knew that I had to make my card get noticed by each and every person who had it in their pocket, so I gambled with “goofy” and am truly glad I did.

Affiliate marketing is often measured by success in the number of leads and the amount of dollar signs, and I can’t argue that formula. However, we know that this business grows exponentially each year with newcomers or veterans expanding into new roles and new companies.

It is important to stay fresh with ideas and continue promoting yourself. Case in point: At Affiliate Summit East in New York this past August, you may have seen me walking the floor with my bright blue LED scrolling name tag. I honestly couldn’t pass by a single person without them noticing it and reading it as I maneuvered through the crowds. I wanted to ensure that all the people at that conference that didn’t know Ryan Zimmerman before would definitely know me by the time the show concluded.

The main theme here is that it is imperative to be extraordinary. Avoid blending into the crowd and develop a plan to achieve the goal of being momentous and impressive. What better way to show you are a good marketer than to effectively and cogently market yourself? That alone can clearly define you and your career expertise and is not just important; it is vital.

There are three things I focus on prior to attending a conference:

1. Avoid being mundane and “normal”. It’s that “Pop!” and that energy that will leave an impression.

2. Don’t overestimate your audience and assume they’ll remember you. Give them a reason to do so and solidify a permanent spot in their memory.

3. Smile and have fun! If you’re making this your career, enjoy it. Your positive vibe will be infectious and will attract all those around you.

With Affiliate Summit West 2011 just around the corner, now is the time to start brainstorming on ways to make the conference your own.

Normally what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas….but this time, try and hitch a ride home in the minds of your colleagues and customers.

Ryan works for Credit.com and has been involved with interactive marketing for over a decade.

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