Respect the Intelligence of Your Email List – By Vinny O’Hare

by Colleen on October 18, 2010

You have probably heard the saying that the money is in the list. While I believe this is true, it is also important how you use your list, which is where the money really comes in.

Sure, you can use your list and spam people all day long, but knowing how to market to the list can be the difference between making some money and making big money.

The people on your list are smart, and they like what you are publishing. Don’t waste that opportunity by misreading your audience.

You can optimize the monetization prospects of your list when you ask for feedback and then actually listen to it.

A few years ago, I ran a website for an automotive fan club. Every time I sent out a newsletter to the list, I would get back five suggestions and tips on things like changing the oil, driving in snow etc. These would be incorporated into the next newsletter.

After a while I started to find out that these drivers all used a certain type of oil, car wax, and brand of tires. So, I got it in my head that I could send out an ad for them to buy a certain brand of tires. While I didn’t sell any tires through the list, I did learn that 99% of my subscribers found this email worthless, as they preferred another brand.

It showed that I didn’t know about my list or niche for that matter. I must have received 1,000 replies to that email, and they were not very nice. But it taught me a valuable lesson.

In my next newsletter, I simply asked what type of car cover they used and literally 100% said they used the same brand. So I joined the affiliate program for that brand and sent out the next newsletter with an ad for them.

That ad sold over 1,000 car covers, and made me a nice profit. Now, I could have sent out an email with any type of car cover, but I listened to the list and the intelligence of my readers. This paid off very well and I have done the same thing with car wax and other car related products.

Your readers know more about your niche than you think. You see them as a name and an email but you should be thinking about them more on a personal level.

Before you drop your next email, stop and think about the people who will read it. Put yourself on the receiving end.
Odds are you will gain insight, make more money, and gain the respect of your list now and in the future.

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