Show Me the Money! – By Gil Abir and Amy Ely

by Colleen on August 4, 2010

What’s the key to an affiliate’s heart? Great advertisers? Stellar service? Leading technology? Maybe. We’d argue that while all of these are important, receiving commission earnings quickly and cost-effectively tends to top the list.

While many affiliates operate within the boundaries of traditional payment methods, a variety of more advanced options are being introduced to turn a satisfying payment process into a rewarding experience.

This is particularly important for global networks that face high transfer fees and longer wait times. As a result, offering a suite of payment options becomes a competitive advantage, especially in the eyes of affiliates that use the immediate cash flow to grow their business.

As one example, launched a prepaid MasterCard with Payoneer to simplify the payment process for international affiliates. A year later the team reached out to affiliates in several countries to evaluate their experience and determine next steps.

Case Study #1
Affiliate: Cashbacking / Region: UK
Challenge: BACS payments took 3 -4 days before clearing with the bank
Solution: Used the card to receive payments, for ATM withdrawals, and for online and offline purchases
Result: Not only are payments faster, this affiliate appreciates the convenience of using the card almost anywhere as another source of funds

“Faster payment is crucial and I’m able to predict more accurately when the funds will be available on the account. I’m thoroughly impressed with the service provided, particularly how easy it is to manage my account online with up-to-date transaction details.” -Daniel Stewardson, Cashbacking

Case Study #2
Affiliate: Ticket Crush / Region: US
Challenge: Sought out a more convenient and versatile payment option
Solution: Setup the card to receive payments from multiple countries and contacts Payoneer’s customer support for balance information
Result: Quick access to both US and international payments and uses the card to compartmentalize earnings and expenses from other sources of income

“The MasterCard is extremely convenient and a great choice for an affiliate in any country. It’s easy to call Payoneer anytime I have questions and I’m impressed with the service overall.” -Kyle McPeck,

Case Study #3
Affiliate: Saya Intellicall / Region: India
Challenge: Commission checks took up to 30 days to clear and become usable funds
Solution: Signed up for the card to receive payments, use the ATM service, and withdraw cash
Result: Funds are now available within a few hours, providing an efficient global payment option

“The world is changing very fast, so we need fast service to go with the world. [This] card is a good solution.” – Abdullah Saya, Saya Intellicall

Overall, the findings were very positive and revealed the variety of ways that affiliates in different countries chose to use the card. Beyond, Payoneer saw an average 77% year over year growth in card signups since their launch in 2005, indicating the increasing popularity of alternative payment options.

What’s the bottom line? Explore new payment options that exceed affiliate expectations. It may be deciding factor of whether or not you keep their business.

Gil Abir is VP of Corporate Partnership at Payoneer, and Amy Ely is Marketing Manager at

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