Contribute to Issue 11 of FeedFront Magazine

by Shawn Collins on May 6, 2010

Proposals are no longer being accepted.

The tenth issue of FeedFront Magazine is out, so we’re on to issue 11.


The next issue of FeedFront will be coming out in August 2010, and the deadline for articles for issue 11 of FeedFront is June 4, 2010.

If you are interested in writing an article, go to the FeedFront proposal form to submit a one sentence summary on what you’d like to cover.

Articles are a maximum of 500 words – no exceptions. Anything longer will not be considered.

No ghost-written articles.

Do not submit a complete article now – just a one sentence summary.

You will be contacted whether or not your proposal is accepted for the next issue.

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Charlotte Ferrell May 7, 2010 at 2:32 pm

I am accepting the invitation to write an article and thank you for it. I do not see the link to the proposal so I am proposing here.
What can a novice learn from attending an Affiiate Summit. Dateline LA.. I attended the summit to bridge the gap from “what the heck are they talking about” to finding a treasure trove of sincere folk that helped me – at 63- to begin making baby steps as an affiliate marketer. Here are three concerete things I did …. and re results from December 09 to June 10 are as follows:
1) I started with what I had – a website with goods and services…
2) I began teaching my college students to not just paradigm shifts in health but in the way they use the internet- to learn about affiliate marketing now rather as a ‘retirement funds recovery’ strategy
3) I began doing the work- not just registering for affiliate programs but writing to my contacts about looking for them on my website
4) the best is yet to come…. the results by June.

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