Co-Registration 101 – By Blake Hamann

by FeedFront Staff on April 19, 2010

Co-registration is a simple and cost-effective method to generate prospects for mailing lists. Whether for loyalty programs, subscriptions, memberships, or other online/offline customer acquisition and retention programs, co-registration data can be your ace in the hole.

Many publishers and incentivized marketers have taken notice of the revenue opportunities granted by co-registration, resulting in a massive influx in the number of sites where it’s offered. Co-registration is an excellent way to increase sales in the short term, but its importance goes beyond the quick buck. It can also protect your current email campaign from lost future revenue due to natural attrition, opt-outs, or dead email addresses.

Mere numbers in a database can provide the shotgun effect, but how can you reach your target audience who will be the most receptive to your offer? Without rapid, easy access to all market data and database technology available, pinpointing the most qualified buyers can still be a search for the needle in the proverbial haystack. In order to make co-registration data a valuable asset you need to take a systematic approach in the acquisition, multivariate-targeted list design, market-ready data hygiene services, data validation and management.

Co-registration allows clients to build targeted databases of qualified consumers interested in their products, services, company, brand or special offers.

Whether purchasing a simple mailing list or a more complex database with targeted segments, it is essential that you get the best return on your investment. Co-registration data has been around for years, and while in the past, there was a focus on quantity, it’s now all about quality.

Everyone has a different outlook on what a quality list is, but the bottom line is profit margin. In order to maximize ROI, it’s necessary to find the co-registration sources that work best in your marketing model. Utilizing co-registration data within your own list allows you to expand your marketing platform to new heights.

Depending on the volume of the third-party site, large lists can be accumulated virtually overnight. Co-registration provides you with a steady stream of leads, but it’s up to you to convert them into customers. Successful co-registration practices require a working knowledge of online media buying and detailed familiarity with your audience. Co-registration data is one of the strongest marketing sources available in our business. You can maximize your co-registration campaigns without bleeding overhead dollars by understanding the difference between what motivates casual web surfers versus your target buying audience.

Even with all the advances in technology and database quality, co-registration still requires immediate deployment by the marketer. This is especially true for marketers where their primary purpose is to build their list. Capitalize on your co-registration leads to build a quality database through constant contact. Follow up quickly on your leads by tailoring your marketing campaign to your offer, and reap the rewards.

Blake Hamann is the Vice President of Marketing for Right1Data who specializes in custom opt-in business and consumer marketing data.

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