Unleashing the Potential of PPV Advertising – By Bryn Youngblut

by FeedFront Staff on March 4, 2010

So what exactly is PPV advertising?

PPV (pay per view), also known as CPV (cost per view) is usually referred to as contextual advertising. PPV is technically adware; not to be confused with spyware. Adware comes from an ad-supported program that a user installed onto their PC, which they agreed to when installing it. PPV allows you to not only bid on keywords but also domains (URLs).

So what’s so good about PPV? From my experience, it is incredible if done right. I have some campaigns, for instance, where I spend approximately $50 on a day and they each generate thousands in revenue. Not bad, eh?

Why am I sharing this information? Probably because I am a mad man or maybe because I do well enough that I feel like giving people some inspiration. It has always helped me in the past.

Now that you know the basics, I will walk you through the steps to get started. You’re going to need to be signed up for a network. For beginners, I recommend signing up for MediaTraffic, and when you are more advanced, try out TrafficVance.

The first step is to choose which product or service you want to promote. The most recommended are simple and short-form submits; but don’t limit yourself to these.

After you have chosen an offer, it’s time to start researching keywords; and most importantly URLs. There are a number of ways to do this. If you are not familiar with the process, just search around the Web for keyword researching tools.

As far as finding URLs goes, it’s pretty simple, but does require some creativity. What I typically do is a simple search for my offer or things related and copy down the URLs that come up. Then I take those URLs over to Quantcast.com and get a ton more related Web sites using the “Audience Also Likes/Visits” feature on the right hand side.

Once you have your list of keywords/URLs, it’s time to setup your campaign. It is VERY important that you track everything, so you can eliminate the keywords/URLs that are not converting.

The most common question I get is “Should I direct link the offer or use a landing page?” and I always reply that if you’re not sure, why don’t you split test it and find out? Some offers work well direct linking to them, and some do much better with a jump page.

If you take PPV serious enough, you will likely experience a financial rollercoaster. You WILL lose money testing things. You WILL have unsuccessful campaigns. You WILL fail, and that’s life. But if you make it past all the failures and don’t give up, success could be right around the corner…

Bryn Youngblut is a full time entrepreneur and affiliate marketer, and he blogs at www.Bryn.me

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