Affiliate Program New Year’s Resolutions – By Shannon Simmons

by FeedFront Staff on March 8, 2010

With the start of a new year, it’s the perfect time to give your affiliate program a fresh new start. Here are 10 great ways to renovate your affiliate program and optimize it for success in 2010:

  1. Audit Your Affiliate Program – This is vital to the success of your program and it also holds the greatest potential impact. An affiliate program audit should look at every area of your affiliate program. The purpose of an audit is to identify areas within your program that you can alter or modify as well as identify additional opportunities that will grow the performance of your program. You should look at everything from a detailed competitive and banner/link analysis to a paid search analysis. 
  2. Respond to Affiliate Inquiries Within 24 Hours – Taking care of your affiliates should always be your main priority. By answering their inquiries promptly you show them you value their partnership and will promptly assist them as they continue to work with you.
  3. Confirm that Your Creative and Links are Up to Date and Valid – This will make a huge difference in revenue for your affiliate program. Confirming that your creative and links are always up to date will make your users shopping experience easy and more productive.
  4. Tracking Testing Procedures – Creating a process that is frequent and consistent for your tracking procedures will boost confidence for your program’s affiliates. Affiliates rely on proper tracking for their livelihood and they won’t promote offers that aren’t easily monitored and tracking correctly.
  5. Ample Notice of Promotions to Affiliates – Giving affiliates plenty of advance notice about new promotions will ensure that they will keep your offers current. Two weeks at minimum is generally considered ample notice.
  6. “Activate” Affiliates – Are your affiliates performing as well as they should? Reach out to those affiliates that you feel could be performing better and see what kind of offer you can provide them with in order to boost their performance and commissions.
  7. Correct & Complete Information for Promotions – When you are sending out coupons or promotions to affiliates, be sure that they have start/end dates, restrictions (if applicable), etc.
  8. Exclusive Offers to Top Performers – Offering your top performers exclusive offers is a great way to express your appreciation to them. Frequently contacting your top performers will ensure that they continue to promote your offers.
  9. Merchandising – Ensure that you are creating link templates for top products and sending them to your affiliates via weekly newsletters, affiliate blog, or Twitter.
  10. Content, Creative & Collateral – The more of these items that you create, the better! Keeping these items up to date will definitely help your program be successful. 
  11.  I plan on implementing each of these steps for all of the programs I manage in 2010. I hope that you find this information helpful and prosperous with your programs too.

    Shannon Simmons is an Assistant Affiliate Manager for the affiliate management agency, and

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