Twitter Beginner’s Guide – Ten Tips – By Jay Berkowitz

by FeedFront Staff on November 10, 2009


Twitter originally asked the question, ‘What are you doing?’ But now Twitter has evolved into a personalized news feed, as well as a source of helpful tips, business messages, and words of wisdom. Here are ten tips to get started.

Step #1: Sign up Now

Create your free account at Reserve your name or select a ‘brand name’ that’s consistent with other social media identities. If it’s available reserve your company name.

Step #2: Create a Basic Profile

Start with a simple description about yourself and good photo. Definitely include a link to your Web site or blog.

Step #3: Listen First

Listen on Twitter before you type. Get a feel for how people in your niche Tweet. It’s easy to find interesting people to follow through a Twitter timeline – for example, see who I follow at and click icons on the right to find interesting people to follow.

Step #4: Write Some Great Tweets

When you follow people on Twitter they get an email with a link to your page. They’ll have a quick look and decide whether to follow you. Set a strategy for what you are going to Tweet about – share smart insights in your area of passion to build a following.

Step #5: Follow the Leaders lists top “Twitterers” by city. Another site,, identifies top people to follow by category or tags.

Step #6: RT (ReTweet)

A common practice on Twitter is to ReTweet or ‘RT’ messages written by others. Credit the original “Tweeter” by mentioning their Twitter name with @.

Step #7:

The search function at Twitter is amazing, and instant. Twitter Search may pose the first significant risk to Google with instant search results.

Step #8: Upgrade Your Profile

Your profile is your Twitter calling card. It tells others about you in a nutshell and should be visually appealing. Inject personality or an accurate description of your company. Add images, logos and calls-to-action.

Step #9: Upgrade Your Twitter Applications

Can’t get online to Tweet? You can stay connected with a mobile phone – set it up from your settings under device tab. There are great apps for the iPhone and Blackberry.

For your desktop, an application like TweetDeck lets you sort incoming Tweets by columns, based on queries you set.

Step #10: Follow the Three E’s of Social Media – Educate, Entertain and Engage

If you’re using Twitter for business or building a personal brand – provide valuable information and links, I call this the first E of social media, Educate.

The second E is Engage: develop a two way dialogue with followers. Ask questions. Reply to happy and sad news.

Lastly, have fun! Entertain with a funny YouTube video or a Blip.FM song selection. Having some fun keeps it light and lets your personality shine through.

@JayBerkowitz is CEO of internet and affiliate agency

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