Getting Noticed Fast Follow Up – By Mike Buechele

by FeedFront Staff on October 30, 2009


I’ve heard some great responses since my panel, Getting Noticed FAST, at Affiliate Summit East 09, and I wanted to share some of the major points.

Getting Noticed Fast is about effective networking using your personal brand, social media, and face-to-face. My fellow panelists were Trisha Lyn Fawver (@trishalyn), Jen Goode (@JGoode), Stephanie Lichtenstein (@StephARC), and the panel was moderated by Lisa Picarille (@lisap).

Personal Brand
Be consistent with the photos and avatars you use. Avatars appear in blog comments, your Twitter profile, your Facebook page, MySpace, FriendFeed, Disqus, and other social network platforms. Update them when necessary, but remain consistent. If your goal is to look professional, then present yourself that way.

Social Media
Retweet (RT) Tweets you like or mention and credit Tweeters in your Tweets. Join a Twitter directory like or use it to search for others in your favorite topics and follow them.

Sharing your experiences and expertise will make others want to follow and engage with you. Giving before you get will get you a lot in return.

For Facebook, get your name, brand, or something easy to remember in the URL of your profile. You can find me at If your friend lists starts getting out of hand, you can organize them into groups.

Some of my groups are Old Friends, Business Contacts, and Co-workers. Use search to view topics your friends are posting and then comment and share your ideas. Stay at the “top of people’s mind” by wishing your friends a happy birthday from the list on your home page (thanks to Peter Shankman for the idea). Other ideas are to start a fan page and link your blog’s RSS into your profile.

Face-to-Face Networking
I don’t think anything is better than in-person networking. It leaves the best impression on people. Have unique business cards, or give swag like thumbnail drives, stickers, and buttons.
Wear a T-shirt with your blog URL or Facebook/Twitter name on it and give some out to people. There’s a good chance they will blog about you. Make an impression. Nothing beats a handshake.

Bonus Tips
Always say yes to an interview or guest blog post. Stay on top of your niche and blog or share links over Twitter and Facebook.

Follow people already known within your niche and comment on their blogs. There are other social communities like LinkedIn,, Ning, and many more, so find the ones right for you.

Create content in different media. You can use text, audio, and video. Some helpful resources are TubeMogul, Seesmic, and 12seconds for video; and TweetDeck, Seesmic Desktop, and HootSuite for Twitter.

Mike Buechele is an affiliate marketer, and he can be found at and on Twitter at @mikebuechele.

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