The Workspaces of Affiliate Marketers – By Shawn Collins

by FeedFront Staff on October 1, 2009

Some of those “gurus” with dubious claims of success try to sell the affiliate lifestyle as a long vacation with an auto-pilot business that makes them rich.

You’ve seen them – the hyperbolic sales pages that feature some clown lounging on the beach.

I always like seeing the environments where fellow affiliate marketers do their work – the real places.

One of my favorite threads on the Wicked Fire forum is “What does your workspace/desk area look like for an Aff Marketer?” where lots of photos are featured of spots where affiliates get their work done.

My office is far from a beach, but it’s a geeky oasis for me with a bunch of computers, gadgets, games, books, and caffeine.

I spend a good part of most days there, and it’s sort of a “mullet office”. The business end is in the front with my main computer for most work, and then the setup in the back is for editing videos and podcasts.
Here is a look at the workspaces of some of the folks in the industry.

So we don’t work at the beach (most of us), and it’s all harder than it looks on those sales pages. Still, we have some pretty sweet gigs, don’t we?

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Shawn is a Co-founder of Affiliate Summit and Co-Editor-in-Chief of FeedFront Magazine.

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