How to Build Your Message with Twitter – By Murray Newlands

by FeedFront Staff on August 8, 2009

Twitter is an amazing tool for building your message, and an exciting platform for efficient conversation and marketing.

Success on Twitter comes with connections and meeting new people, building your network and being part of an incredible, ongoing conversation.

Here are a few ways I recommend using Twitter to build your message:

Build a Solid Profile

The profile on Twitter has six parts: Name, Location, Web, Bio and your Following/Followers count. Use your “Web” slot to link to your personal or business blog. If someone likes your Tweets, they need to be able to quickly find out who you are and how to learn more. Your link should add value to the experience rather than be a direct link to a sales site. The “Bio” section is a quick description of you- choose keywords that show personality.

Build Targeted Networks

Twitter is about relationships. I’ve heard Twitter described as being at a cocktail party or a soccer stadium where you can hear what everyone is saying. One benefit of being able to see what so many other people are saying is that you already know what they are into, what they support, what they talk about.
Use the “Find People” function on the menu to search for people in your field or with similar interests. Follow them and see who they talk to with @ messages, or ask them who else they are connected to. Your network is a great resource to answer questions and pass on leads. It is also a way to extend your audience. When you ReTweet someone else’s Tweet, they notice.

A great way to extend your reach is to find ReTweet partners where you ReTweet their messages and they ReTweet yours.

Start Targeted Conversations

Start a conversation and then guide it. Whether directly contacting individuals or Tweeting general questions, starting a conversation makes you visible. You can tailor questions to bring up an issue where you are an expert, and use the conversation as the basis for a blog post, or use it as a vehicle to test out new ideas.

One of the keys to being relevant on Twitter is to add value, and by guiding a conversation around your cause, you are guaranteed to do so.

Twitter Competitions

Twitter competitions get people involved, bottom line. Competitions can require people to follow you, ReTweet a message, post something to their Facebook status, or read a recent blog entry and comment or find specific information in the post.

All of these strategies are strong because they engage people with your product or website and get your message out to potentially thousands of people. Twitter competitions build awareness, promote engagement and make your network more visible.

Murray Newlands is a Green Online Marketing Specialist & blogger in affiliate management / affiliate marketing in the UK & US.

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@mediatrustpete August 16, 2009 at 12:22 pm

Murray great post. @mediatrust we are very big believers in the power of Twitter and have been for over 2 yrs now. This is a highly effective real-time communication tool.

Here is a post that has everyone in performance marketing adding their Twitters to start a directory


johnson August 31, 2009 at 1:33 am

This is great stuff. A great way to build your twitter account. I also checked out , its also a great tool , like hummingbird and tweetdeck but in its own way and free.

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