Four Great Tools for Twitter Marketing – By Ian Fernando

by FeedFront Staff on July 31, 2009

In recent months, Twitter has received a lot of buzz, with large companies and celebrities alike beginning to use the application to its full potential. As a social tool, its increased popularity has created a lot of news (and noise) for our minds to gather and absorb.

For the marketer though, the question is; how can we capitalize on the popularity and capabilities of Twitter for our marketing needs?

There is an abundance of content on Twitter just waiting to be deciphered and used for our own specific needs. Fortunately, a surplus of new Twitter applications are being produced daily; designed to take advantage and manipulate Twitter’s limitless capabilities.

Let’s examine some of the powerful websites and applications. (formerly known as is a search engine for This search engine is almost as popular as Google itself. Using this platform you can easily find conversations mentioning specific keywords or terms related to your business or interests. Having this option enables quick and easy targeting of groups or individuals for your marketing purposes. is an advanced system that allows you to see real-time trends in conversations as they occur. You can also view the history of a niche or keyword phrase during a 6-hour, 24-hour, and even 3-day time frame; allowing you to measure the trend’s credibility.
Monitter is similar to TwitScoop in that it displays real-time conversation containing your keyword or phrase, however, it does not show trends. Its benefit resides in the fact that a user can have multiple windows open displaying conversations simultaneously.
TweetDeck is an all-in-one desktop platform which houses all your friends, replies, direct messages, and even a separate window for Twitscoop. You can also monitor multiple keywords, group specific followers, and look up a person’s profile without ever leaving your desktop. One drawback is the 10-column limitation.
With a cornucopia of Twitter application tools now available, Twitter Marketing has been simplified and offers a straight-forward way to increase website and business traffic. Additionally, as the internet becomes more and more social, Twitter can be used to help balance everything out.

Ian Fernando is the Founder of IANternet Media LLC and Blogger/Affiliate Marketer at

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