The Sweet Science of Landing Pages – By Jeremy Schoemaker

by FeedFront Staff on May 7, 2009

Let’s say you’re a total newbie to the world of Internet marketing, and have heard there is “big time” money to be made in affiliate marketing. After researching different affiliate programs, you’ve decided to enter the highly lucrative (yet highly saturated) commercial ringtone industry.

You have already completed PPC training programs (I recommend Google AdWords training… and it’s free!) and now have a great list of keywords (using keyword list generators like the ones at You’ve even purchased traffic via Google, Facebook, MySpace and other advertising vehicles. Now a steady stream of users are coming directly to the landing page provided by the advertiser because that makes sense. Right?

But wait. You are losing money… and fast. This traffic is costing you a lot and not many people are biting at your offer and converting. What should you do? Make your own landing page!

Why will your landing page out-perform the advertiser’s? Because you’re going to pre-qualify your user.

Many ringtone offers only cater to specific carriers. Some may convert well for Verizon, some for Sprint, and others for T-Mobile. (Don’t hesitate to ask your affiliate manager which provider is working best on their network.)

Now, on your landing page you’ll ask the user who their carrier is and send them to an offer they can actually use!

You can also use your landing page to see what country the user is coming from and then send them to an offer based on their location. There are ringtone offers in over 100 countries now.

Don’t assume that just because you have selected only US traffic that this is what you’ll get. In fact, I often see a 5-10% margin of error here.

Other Ways To Monetize
What if the landing page you made doesn’t offer a user’s carrier? Or what if the user decides they don’t want to participate in the program? This is why your landing page should also include a huge Google AdSense leader board along the bottom. By placing it at the bottom, you are not only getting some money from them (as a last ditch effort), but you are not making the ads so prominent that the user prematurely leaves your site. (Don’t forget, to make money from Google AdSense someone has to leave your site.)

Putting products like Google AdSense on your page will give you back a percentage of your ad spend and you may be surprised at how much you receive.

Test It
Setting up your landing page sounds easy, huh? Almost fool proof? Well, not quite. Don’t forget to test your landing pages. I recommend using Google Website Optimizer to see which versions convert the best. Should I use buttons or text for my links? Red or blue? These variables make a difference, and only testing will give you answers.

So with a little fine tuning, your landing pages should be ready to earn you more revenue – within hours!

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Samuel May 13, 2009 at 1:37 am

These are good basics. Didn't know about the adwords center. Thanks for that Jeremy.

Affiliate Offers May 15, 2009 at 2:30 am

Very good tips, thanks for sharing.

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