Target Targets Affiliates Through Social Media – By Jillian McGary

by FeedFront Staff on March 16, 2009

The affiliate program began to explore social media to better serve our publishers. We started by observing the community. Through Twitter, we followed the members of the affiliate community and learned from industry experts. Listening to discussions gave us insight into current events and helped generate ideas to improve our affiliate program.

Once we understood the landscape, we created an account on Twitter for our affiliate program to offer our partners another line of direct communication.

The @AffiliateTarget Twitter account was established in September of 2008 and has 70+ followers and follows 40.

We wanted to ensure our partners knew real people are working on Target’s affiliate program and how to reach us. Twitter is a great way for affiliates to contact us if they have questions, as we can respond quickly using the Direct Message and @Reply features.

Publishers are busy and get a ton of emails, but Twitter can be a convenient alternative that is accessible from a computer or mobile device.

We use Twitter to announce program updates and reach out to publishers, but also to solicit feedback from the community.

Our affiliates are the experts when it comes to their visitors, so we ask about banner creative, video player vendors and even our plan for the holidays.

Twitter is a wonderful way to grow relationships, offer a convenient communication option for our publishers and ensure that affiliates know who to contact if they have questions.

Relationships are the best part of the business — without them we’d just be left with spreadsheets, and that’s not nearly as fun.

Jillian McGary began working on the Affiliate Program in July 2007. Before going to Target, she spent three years at an advertising agency and two years teaching behavior therapy to children with autism.

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