My First Affiliate Summit – By Mike Buechele

by FeedFront Staff on February 4, 2009

I’d been looking forward to Affiliate Summit in Boston for awhile now, and I prepared some goals to hit while at the conference.

Goal 1: Network with Merchants
I gave 100 business cards away, and received a stack to go through. The networking was great. There were two events set up for affiliates, publishers, merchants, and networks to get together.
Before the show really began there was the Affiliate Meet Market, which is a stripped down version of the exhibit hall. This was a chance for those that did not buy a booth, to have a table. It reminded me of a comic convention dealer section (yes I used to be that guy), with all the tables together and not much elbow room.

It was a bit of a whirlwind of exchanging information. I loved it though, and by the end of it I had a much improved pitch.

The other event was the exhibit hall held in a large open area with booths instead of tables. Some were plain and got right down to business, and others brought a little Vegas with them.
If you’ve been to an expo before, you’ll know what I mean. I found all of them to be sharp and helpful.

Goal 2: Meet Affiliates and Publishers
I also wanted to meet other publishers to compare notes, exchange ideas, and maybe do business. Everything at the conference was set up for interaction.

The breakfasts, lunches, after expo hours lounge, blog room and even just walking around the hotel was perfect for interaction. I met new people every time I took an elevator.

There were after hour parties and plenty of restaurants in Boston where I met more publishers. Jay Berkowitz of Ten Golden Rules scheduled a wonderful networking dinner and recorded a podcast at a restaurant around the block from the hotel.

Goal 3: Say Thanks to Some Bloggers
There were a few people I wanted to personally thank for their work on blogs, podcasts, and videos I’ve enjoyed. There is a willingness to share and teach in the affiliate marketing industry and I’ve learned from the work that these people have contributed.

I also wanted to stand out, so I gave them flash drives with personalized video messages. They came in handy since Sam Harrelson used his to save his presentation.

Goal 4: Get My Name Out There
Well those that got the drives know my name, but I really loved bumping into people that recognized me from Twitter, forums, and video posts.

With the mix of custom business cards, memorable gifts, a little pre-show personal marketing, getting on the mic for the Un-Keynote, and I’m getting contacted by more than just networks.
Affiliate Summit in Boston was one of the best things I’ve done to build my business. I have connections, a growing network, insight to affiliate networks, and a lot of phone calls to make.

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