Get Off Your Butt and Start Making Videos by Jim Kukral

by Shawn Collins on July 24, 2008

Five tips to getting started

  1. Get over yourself. You look how you look. The rest of the world sees you as you are, and you look no different on camera. Quit worrying about how you look and start filming yourself. Nobody is going to criticize you.
  2. Smile. Nobody wants to see a grumpy person on camera. Be pleasant and inviting. Make your viewers feel welcome.
  3. Solve problems. People want to watch videos that can help them. Consider making “how to” videos where you show people how to do things you might be an expert at.
  4. Don’t sweat the equipment. Anyone can make high-quality videos with inexpensive video cameras and lights.
  5. Just do it! The ONLY way to get started is to just do it. Your first videos will not be perfect, but remember, nobody is doing perfect videos right now. Remember too, your competitors are either going to beat you to it, or envy you a year from now. It’s your choice.

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