Are You the Next Super Affiliate Blogger? by Zac Johnson

by Shawn Collins on July 22, 2008

Tips from a super affiliate to become a successful blogger.

It seems like every day there is a new “make money online” blog popping up. Where are all of these new bloggers coming from? Are they skilled marketers finally coming out of the basement and exposing themselves, or are they simply trying to make a quick buck in a fast growing niche area?

Either way, the number of marketers coming out and sharing information is increasing daily, and I am going to share several reasons why affiliates and affiliate managers alike should start blogging now.

  1. Build Your Name Brand and Trust
    Having your own blog will not only get your name out there, but what you write about will reflect upon your name and build recognition. As you become a prominent player in the blogosphere, your “name brand” could be your next big project. Establish yourself; build the trust of others, and your name brand will soon be your most powerful asset.

  2. Make Even More Money
    Making money with your blog is always an option, but the contacts, information, and new relationships that will form as a result of your blog are priceless.

  3. Help Others, While Helping Yourself
    Not only will you start helping others by sharing your knowledge and experience with online marketing, but you can also ask for help and feedback on existing projects or ideas you have, as well. Bloggers love to talk with other bloggers on how they can work together or share ideas.

  4. Blogging is Fun & Motivational
    Business can get stressful, and sometimes you just need to step away from your email and ad campaigns. When you have a blog, not only will you inspire others with your posts, but you will also get motivated, as you stir up new ideas with your posts and receive feedback from your readers.

  5. Networking Opportunities Await
    It’s one thing to attend marketing conferences and events for networking, but with a blog you are gaining new readers and contacts 24/7. Without a blog, you are losing out on so many business relationships and opportunities. Put yourself out there and make more contacts than you could ever imagine.

Whether you are an affiliate manager at a network, or just getting started in the affiliate space, these are just a few of the reasons why you should be blogging. I started my own blog at just over a year ago, and it’s made an amazing impact on my business ever since day one. Don’t wait another day, start your blogging adventure now!

Zac Johnson is President/CEO of MoneyReign, Inc. You can read more about Zac at

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