GTD in Affiliate Marketing with Web 2.0 by Sam Harrelson

by Shawn Collins on June 21, 2008


The growth of Web2.0 over the past few years has caused an explosion of new apps and sites that help web workers get things done. For affiliate marketers, these applications can be incredibly beneficial and provide cheaper alternatives to the more traditional (and traditionally more expensive) desktop applications that solved the same problems.

So, here’s my Top 10 List of Web2.0 Apps to Help Affiliate Marketers GTD:

  1. Harvest: Great time tracking application to keep track of where you spend your time. Includes a great invoicing system as well as a must-have desktop widget available for Mac and PC users. Freshbooks is my second pick for time tracking.
  2. Google Calendar: Sharing, mobile access, Google-backed. ‘Nuff said. Essential for any web worker.
  3. Remember The Milk: To-do Lists are not always sexy, but this app combines the best of simplicity with full-features to give the user a customized experience. As an added bonus, you can integrate your RTM to-do list with Gmail and have your list appear right in your inbox.
  4. Jott: Jott allows you to record short voice messages. The key part of Jott’s worth is its ability to integrate into many other apps including RTM (see #3), Google Calendar (see #2) and even Twitter.
  5. Google Docs: The ability to share, create and quickly edit (now online or offline) makes Google Docs indispensable for affiliate marketers (especially those on a limited budget since you can read and create Word Docs, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations).
  6. Basecamp / Backpack / Highrise: All of these web apps come from the same company called 37Signals and they all offer varying degrees of product management and CRM. My day begins and ends in Basecamp.
  7. Ma.gnolia: While I use and love for bookmarking, Ma.gnolia fills a handy GTD niche by allowing me to keep my bookmarks in groups, private or public and share them with others. All of my affiliate logins, message boards and various places of destination dealing with affiliate marketing are organized nicely in my Ma.gnolia account.
  8. Sandy: Sandy integrates nicely with your email and calendar (Outlook, or Gmail) and sends you reminders wherever you’d like them to appear. Plus, Sandy also integrates with RTM, Jott and even Twitter.
  9. CallWave: Everyone hates voicemail (at least I do). CallWave helps you get around the voicemail problem by sending your transcribed voicemail either to your phone as a txt message, to your email or to the CallWave desktop app (works great on a Mac).
  10. The Kitchen Sink: Here’s everything else I use to GTD and highly recommend you at least try out… Gmail, Twitter, Google Reader, and Google Notebook. Web 2.0 is certainly a concocted marketing term that has lost its once hip buzz. But some Web 2.0 apps can greatly improve your business and make you a better Web worker.

Sam Harrelson is the publisher of the AffiliateFortuneCookies Podcast.

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