FeedFront Issue 1 Editor’s Note: You Are What You Read

by Shawn Collins on June 2, 2008

Blogs, Tweets, newsletters, forums, and the like. They shape our paradigm of the industry when we read them.

“Affiliate marketing is bullshit.” You might have read that was the gist of the keynote from Jason Calacanis at Affiliate Summit 2008 West in Las Vegas.

Many others heard it in person, or did they? The phrase was all over the Interwebs for the last
several months.

And yes, that is how he opened his talk. Then the crowd laughed, and he said, “That’s what you all
expect me to do… I’m not going to do that.”

Some folks heard the first line, got aggravated and tuned out. Others were so peeved that they left the room.

Anyone who wasn’t there likely heard the version that the whole keynote was focused on skewering
us, affiliate marketers – and that could not be farther from the truth.

In fact, Jason called out affiliates that think in the short term and reflect poorly on the industry, and
he praised many as well. See and hear for yourself at AffiliateSummit.tv.

After Affiliate Summit, Jason joined up with affiliate networks and started experimenting with affiliate marketing on Mahalo.com.

Jason opened affiliate marketer’s eyes, and we did the same to him.

Anyhow, thank you for taking the time to read FeedFront, a magazine dedicated to bringing ideas,
resources, and opinions from Internet marketing innovators to you before your next project or venture.

Get the insight on the front end, rather than feedback after you’ve executed.

This magazine is for the futurists; the next-gen marketers; the early adopters in affiliate marketing.

Read. Test. Learn. Succeed.

Like we were saying, you are what you read.

Missy Ward & Shawn Collins
Co-Editors in Chief

Download issue 1 of FeedFront at http://feedfront.com/feedfront-issue1.pdf.

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