Making the Most of Your New Intern By Angie Burnett

by Cruz Alvarado on October 10, 2018


Summary: Make the most of your new intern, how to help them succeed and make the most of this opportunity.

You’ve gotten the go ahead and are ready to hire an intern. How do you ensure you are getting the most out of your new intern? Preparation, involvement, continual feedback, and communication will ensure that you develop and get the most out of your affiliate intern.  


Preparation is key in order to make the most of your new intern. Before you start the hiring process think about what the job duty entails. If your intern will handle most of the reporting, then you will want to look for someone who is data-orientated, or if they will mainly focus on outreach you will want somebody with strong communication skills.

The initial downtime you spend training your new hire will ultimately pay off in the end. You will need to dedicate some serious hours to training. Chances are your intern is coming into your industry with little or no experience. Building a strong foundation is pivotal in their success. Your intern will need to have a strong foundation that they can continually build upon as they gain new experiences and knowledge. 


Make your intern feel welcome and that their contribution matters. You want your intern to feel appreciated and part of the team from the get-go. Include your intern in meetings, phone calls, and ask for input and feedback on projects.

Not only will this demonstrate to you that they understand different aspects of their role, you can also use this time to address any areas that might need additional clarification or attention.

The more invested the intern is, the more you can get out of them. Show them the importance of building relationships and ways they can foster and grow their career.

Be the Example

Whether you want to believe it or not, your intern will pick up on how you treat others and your interactions with internal and external customers. Setting a good, positive example will ultimately shape how your intern acts.

Let them know it’s ok to make mistakes and when it does happen, it is best to own it and fix it right away. Let them know that it is ok to ask for help, and this internship is a learning experience.

Make it Count

While you might want to give your intern only the monotonous tasks, challenge them and utilize their unique skill sets. Give them some flexibility to work on something that interests them, utilizing their skill set to the fullest.

Offer continual training and feedback on a consistent basis. This is a great way for you to build a rapport with your intern as well as help them grow and land a full-time position.


Angie Burnett is the Affiliate Marketing Specialist at

This article appeared in issue 44 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in October 2018.

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