Affiliate Marketing in Asia: 8 Successful Approaches By Frank Ravanelli

by Cruz Alvarado on October 2, 2018


Summary: Discover eight approaches to grow in Asia through affiliate marketing, for advertisers and publishers alike

These are eight approaches to affiliate marketing to be successful in Asia, especially in the vertical of beauty/skin care.

They are applicable to advertisers (first part of each header) and affiliates (second part of each header) alike.

  • Grow Your Own Affiliate Program / Promote a Merchant’s Program Stand-alone, merchant’s specific affiliate programs give the guarantee of purchasing genuine products. As a brand, you can sell at a premium in some markets and you own the relationship with the customer. As an affiliate, you are always sure to link to original products and not “look-alikes”.
  • Advertise Through Local Networks / Be a Publisher of a Local Network But then why reinvent the wheel? You can add to your strategy affiliate networks that specialize in Asian markets (Optimise Media, The Affiliate Gateway, etc.). As an advertiser, you reach at once a critical mass of affiliates.  As an affiliate, many of your favourite brands may be clustered under one tracking with easy monthly payments.
  • Line up Big Promos for 11.11-12.12 / Get Ready for the Big Results Familiarize with and activate yourself for the big sales opportunities in Asia.
  • Localization, Localization, Localization / Leverage Your Local Advantage If your English website will not convert in Asia it tells everyone you are not ready for those markets. As an affiliate, choose brands who localize their content; maybe they will even allow you to do TM+ in the geos where you may have more marketing knowledge than they do.
  • Find Super-Affiliates Apps / Launch your App Mobiles own eyeballs. Apps own Mobile usage. As a brand, partner with eshopping apps in Asia or launch your own as an affiliate.
  • Work with Hybrid Influencers / Become a Hybrid Influencer Go hybrid; align everyone’s mutual interest! As a merchant, engage influencers who work on reasonable flat plus CPS. As an affiliate, use the flat to cover your costs and the CPS to make the real profits.
  • Build a Fully Remote Team / Scale-Up with Remote Talent For advertisers and publishers alike, using remote teams is the way to grow fast with positive ROI. My approach is STEP: Select, Test, Educate, Then Promote or Phase-Out. Meaning find motivated team members; test them, train them and then promote them if they show eagerness to learn and succeed. Otherwise, set them free and find someone else.
  • Piggy-back on the Giants / Promote the Giants Ecommerce in Asia is very different from elsewhere. Can you support Cash-On-Delivery (and related cancellation rates), localized logistics, product registration with relevant authorities, customer support, etc.?

Can you really compete with the conversion rates of local giants like Tmall, Rakuten, Gmarket, and Lazada? If not, join them. As a brand, get your products on the key marketplaces relevant to your verticals. Your reputation in the region will benefit from it. You will make sure customers can get these products from you and not only importers.

As an affiliate, join the affiliate programs of the eTailers/Marketplaces that serve your geos and piggyback on their strengths.

Frank Ravanelli, “FOREO Head of Affiliates – Asia/EMEA”, has been in emarketing since 1995.

This article appeared in issue 44 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in October 2018.

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