Why Start Partnerships With YouTube Influencers? – By Egbert Snijders

by Jenae Reid on January 10, 2018

Making money through YouTube as an influencer is getting more difficult, since the change of new YouTube advertising algorithms. With the change, some YouTubers are seeing a decrease in ad revenue. Even if they have millions of views.
So, it is the right time to start partnerships with YouTubers, as they are eager to find alternative revenue sources.


Why Partner with YouTube influencers?

First of all, it is already in the word: influencers. Their subscribers are often very loyal to them, and they will trust the YouTuber’s review of a product. The YouTuber needs to love your product or service. Don’t give them a script how to promote the product. It works best to let them be themselves. This can be very effective, since they reach a segmented audience of thousands or millions of viewers daily.


Which Partnerships Work Best?

The two biggest ways of starting a partnership with YouTubers are through affiliate links and product placements. YouTubers typically promote products in a very subtle way like product placement, or they refer to an affiliate link in the description or in the videos via annotations. It works best if the YouTuber is not too aggressive with promoting your product or service. It needs to feel natural.


How to Partner with YouTube Influencers

  1. Use the YouTube search bar to find YouTubers who have something in common with your products or services. For example, if you work for a beauty brand, search for “make up” in YouTube. Check if their videos have a lot of views, as well as a large number of subscribers. Do you think you share the same audience? Reach out to them directly by sending a message through their “about” page.
  2. Bold, risky move: send products to YouTubers (most of the time, they have a website with contact information). It is a cheap way to get your product out and about. If you’re lucky, they will share it with their subscribers. Note: this could result in a good or bad review.
  3. Find YouTube influencer agencies. These agencies are becoming more common. They can help you find the right influencer for a fee, so this is a more expensive method, though these agencies can help you find the right YouTuber for you.
  4. Find YouTube influencers through affiliate networks. Reach out to them via affiliate networks, to make them aware of the possibility to work with you as an affiliate.




Egbert Snijders is AVP of digital marketing at Mariner Finance & YouTuber.

This article appeared in issue 41 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in January 2018. https://issuu.com/affiliatesummit/docs/feedfront-41

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