Three Ways to Build Remarkable Teams – By Judi Moore

by Jenae Reid on January 8, 2018


Team building can make or break a company. Here are three keys to do it right.

  1. Build Trust

Innovation requires communication, brainstorming, and follow-through. That requires trust in team members. It takes time and effort, but you must build trust. Set the example with your own behavior and encourage, motivate, and reward trust-building behavior by team members.

Establish communication. Set up a chat group or channel. Expect responses during agreed-upon hours, and participate yourself every single day. A simple query, “How’s things?” can set expectations and gives you a chance to notice problems before they escalate.

Never dismiss an idea. Brainstorming solutions means thinking out loud, and that means some ideas will have little or no merit. But every thought can spark others. Accept all and work to build on the ones with potential. A quiet person in the group might take the worst one and turn it into gold for the next time.

Further build trust with your team by being truthful, but diplomatic. Don’t lie about anything. If there’s a question you prefer not to answer, just say so. Lies destroy trust. Temper brutal honesty with your best diplomacy.

Follow through on promises. Set the expectation for delivering more than expected and on time. Make that part of the mission statement. Reward every example of promises kept.

  1. Build Layers of Support

Client relationships improve when clients feel cared for. Team efforts to support all customers adds professionalism to the company overall.

When launching a new client, bring several team members to the intro call and have the primary account manager sing the praises of the supporting cast. Point out the roles and expertise, rather than just proclaiming awesomeness. Communicate the promise that everyone on the team stands ready to find solutions.

Reward every effort made by team members to help each other, or cover duties when out of office. Appreciation goes a long way when building a team, and a great team is a positive for every client in the portfolio.

  1. Streamline Every Process

Make everyone responsible and accountable for efficiency and sharing best practices. Exploit opportunities to “help” with the simplest tasks, so you can find the knowledge holes and address them.

Work double-time to leverage the best skill of each person on the team. SEO expert? Excel wizard? Problem solver / troubleshooter? Copy writer? Image resizer? Everyone who shares their everyday skills feels important to the team.

When the highest and best use of each team member is leveraged, the work load can be significantly increased with very little learning curve or time wasted.

Conversely, make sure the team knows which projects take priority, and that everyone helps when needed. Is someone faced with an unexpected chore that requires more time than skill? Have two or three people grab a page and race. This works well with links, banners, and similar tedious chores.

Practice using these three concepts and watch productivity go up with more enthusiasm. A solid team is worth the time and effort it takes to build.


Judi Moore manages affiliate programs and helps with team building at Snow Consulting, Inc.

This article appeared in issue 41 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in January 2018.

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