Meta Affiliates: Build Your Own Peak Season – By Susana Laurentino

by Jenae Reid on January 2, 2018

Meta affiliates offer monetization solutions and aggregate different affiliates (publishers) and merchants (advertisers) via affiliate networks.

A meta affiliate deals with a large variety of advertisers and publishers worldwide from countless segments and verticals, which makes it challenging to manage specific actions to increase the revenues during special sales periods.

However, there are three simple rules that can help you to meet this challenge successfully.

  1. Plan Special Sales Dates

Define what are your main markets and verticals, ask your partners what are the most important sales dates in the countries they operate in, and compare their input with your revenue figures.

Consider the particularities of specific industry sectors, such as fashion and consumer electronics (Black Friday and Cyber Monday), or the travel sector (Early Booking). Likewise, you have to take into account sales periods in certain markets, such as, China (Singles Day), Australia (Vogue Online Fashion Night and Boxing Day), or Russia (Women’s Day).

Based on the above, build a calendar with the main shopping dates for the verticals and markets where you operate. You will realize that you have not only one, but different peak seasons to manage within one year.

  1. Engage Your Publishers and Advertisers

It is important to engage your advertisers and publishers, but it is even more important that you are able to manage and support them during special sales dates. While meta affiliates often have some automatic processes in place for accomplishing day-to-day operations, it is not unusual that relatively small teams have to manage a multitude of advertisers and publishers worldwide.

In order to do so in an effective and meaningful way, you should define in advance which of your partners have particular potential for a specific sales day, and plan actions focused on these partners.

For instance, you can organize a sales rally where the partners involved get an extra commission reward if a revenue goal is achieved. This way your publishers know that if all of them drive more traffic to top advertisers, they get an extra commission reward.

You should also adjust the rewards to mirror the respective publisher’s contribution to achieve the goal.

Get the merchants involved in the rally, offer them extra visibility within your affiliates in exchange of exclusive deals, creatives, content, and commission increase.

  1. Test and Analyze Your Actions

In addition to planning specific sales actions and implementing them with your publishers and advertisers, testing and analyzing your efforts is equally important. After each sales date, it is worth to take the time to analyze in detail the most important KPIs YoY, such as traffic and sales increase, eCPC, and CTR.

This way you are able to understand which sales dates are the most important for your partners, and how this can help to build your own peak season.




Susana Laurentino is Head of Advertiser Development at YieldKit, the performance marketing aggregator.

This article appeared in issue 41 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in January 2018.

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